“Nobody spoke a word that day. But that’s the way it was anyway. If you said more than five words, they said you were a good-for-nothing blabbermouth.”

Those words are from the movie, The Inheritors, set in feudal 19th century Germany. I saw the movie twenty four years after my father died and instantly knew the reason he seldom spoke. He worked.

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Who has not been told “They say....”?

The “they” who said something did not earn power. They were given power by people who saw themselves as having little or no power.

To clarify, what is power? Dictionaries define it with something like “the ability to produce desired results.”

Religion is about power. What kind of power did religion once have in your life? What kind of power does religion now have in your life?

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Religion has no power in my life any longer. Trump wants to "bring back Merry Christmas." Say those words if you want to. It can still be a "happy holiday." Some religious person told me that they say "Merry Christmas" because Mary is in the bible and the mother of Jesus.


That's another reason why religion has no power in my life any longer. I read and study and I do not make mountains out of mole hills. Just sayin.'




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