They want us to respect their beliefs but do they respect ours?

Religionists are quick to accuse us atheists of having no respect for their beliefs. But I see absolutely no respect from them for our beliefs:

For example:  I hold that fetuses are not babies or conscious aware beings and have no rights whatsoever, and that I can abort them whenever and for whatever reason I choose.

Show me how many devout Roman Catholics and Fundamental Protestants there are who respect my beliefs on this and would not label me a murderer?  None, nada!  Yet they want me to respect their belief that fetuses have the same rights as babies.

For another:  I hold that each person can determine his/her own identity religiouswise or culturewise:

Show me how many Muslims or Jews would respect my right to call myself not Muslim or not Jewish if I were born into one of their families.  Precious few I suspect yet I’m supposed to respect Muslim and Jewish identities and customs.

For another: I oppose the tax-exempt status of religion and would like all of them to pay their fair shares of our taxes which amount to about about 1 trillion dollars per year.

Show me how I would not be accused of being a communist and would not receive scores of threatening hate mail from outraged religionists.  Yet I’m supposed to respect their beliefs that my tax dollars are to do to their religious institutions/schools.

So I think it’s fairly obvious religionists have virtually no respect for our fundamental views but want us to force us unilaterally to respect their beliefs. Not gonna happen!




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Great ideas expressed here. Atheists are destabilizing organized political and cultural systems. In some contexts (south Asia now for ex), atheists hardly exist at all, and are either labelled as communists pro-USA or decadent, imperialist North West.
 A man expressing doubts about, say, the prophet, will be sentenced to death for blasphemy, period. This is what happen in an obscurantist society that hasnt experienced the renaissance, when philosophy established secular thinking, 'the separation' of political power from theological doctrine and church. Religious constituenciies
cannot respect atheists. At best they pity them. They have the truth, the explanation, the roadmap with instructions. Atheists have nothing but questions, and they are disrespecting not only us, but most importantly the holy whatever and its divine aura. There cant be respect toward the other's unacceptable ideas. Just, at least, the right to believe (or not), right not granted in many places (also think of theists repressed by atheist totalitarisms. 
What we need to do is drop a bunch of those viagra style romance enhancing condoms over these hostile nations and then they'll be too busy to fight with us.  LOL!

I have faith that canned beets make women bowlegged.  Christ-tards want evidence and do not respect my faith, so screw them and theirs.


I also believe abortion to be a positive good, sparing kids from being born unwanted, unloved, and VERY probably doomed to a miserable life.  Women who love actual children abort fetuses, sparing real kids.  Try getting a christ-tard to respect that belief.

Of sure, make that claim in the comments of my local newspaper and see what happens! Just yesterday there was a simple article about how teenage pregnancy in Wisconsin has gone down, and before you know it, a raging rant was going on about abortion. That's why I come to A-Nexus!
Exactly.  No way that they will ever respect my views on choice.  So we should keep pushing this in their faces when they complain about our "lack of respect."
Quite right. If theists expect their views to be respected, then I see no reason why we can't demand the same in return. As I said earlier, the right to do or think a certain way does not necessarily imply compunction to do or think that way. Thus the right of atheists to be as they choose does not mean that theists have to give up their values and choices.  We must not allow them to expect to be able to force their views, morés etc. onto us, so yes, keep pushing this in their faces.
Thanks Gila, I think we have identified a fundamental weakness in their position here so let's spread it around.


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