My girlfriend and I are thinking about moving and the city we keep coming back to is Memphis, TN. I'm a very strong atheist and will argue until I'm blue in the face when anyone will try and tell me that I need I be saved. Being from Boston, luckily it doesn't happen all too often. So I'm left with the question - what is like in Memphis? I can keep my mouth shut when I walk down the street and people hand out pamphlets in Kenmore square. Will this be every block in Memphis? Or will it be like my assumption of most major cities? That is to say laid back and not in your face.

I fully expect if we were to venture out of the metro area it'll be pretty in your face. 

We are visiting this week for the first time and I'd like to know what to expect. 

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Fucking retarded? Everybody?  Wow and you end with you will find a more intelligent group to hang out ummm "will"?  Well for starters if you want to be above others and slam them you really should make sure you know what you actually type.  I know its just 1 typo "I assume" however, get it rite if you want to bash people or you just sound stupid.  As for more intelligent folks to hang out with sounds like you need to hang with a little lower group.  Or maybe your just a secret religious person that wants to start drama.....

Don't do it! I don't know about memphis, but people here in Kansas are militant about their Christianity.


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