So read the article first. Ignore the author, his title or the video for a second. See if the same thing happens to you.


In the wake of the most horrific genocide of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in history, new details are coming to light.  Below is a video from inside the actual Mosque during the attack.

The video is appropriately in Urdu and Punjabi, common languages of Pakistan.  For those who don't understand Urdu or Punjabi, here is a brief description.

The brother making the video is quite frightened but controlled.  The brother on camera is telling the other to just keep praying to Allah. Despite being bloody and injured, Muslims who believe in the Messiah responded in this most devastating moment with recitation of Darood Shareef (i.e. praising God and asking Him to send His blessings on Muhammad (sa) and the people of Muhammad (sa).)

Even as their enemies were collapsing on them from all angles with massive fire power.  Even as gun shots were heard with no indication of stopping.  Even as they tried to hide, bleeding and in need of medical attention.  Even as they were hunted and gunned down—Muslims who believe in the Messiah did not curse their attackers.  They did not launch a counter attack.  They did not forsake their faith.  Rather, they increased their faith and they prayed for their attackers.

Let there be no doubt.  This, my friends, is true Islam, in words and in deed. Alhumdolillah (All praise belongs to God).

What true heros, what a true inspiration.

In the face of certain death, Muslims who believe in the Messiah respond with prayer, not violence.


So - since we're like-minded here - I was curious if it did it not also seem to you like a critique of the brothers were doing, right up until those last few sentences?

I included that in my comments on that article, but it's funny because I was reading some Atheist Examiner article and couldn't resist clicking a headline like that, which surely could've effected my initial reading of the article as well, but I was right there along with the guy just thinking "hell yea man, these fuckin idiots, lay down dumbass".

But anyways, funny stuff cuz he's exactly right, right up until the very end. I love that last line haha

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Am I suppose to laugh at the mindless slaughter of these people?




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