Go check out this guys youtube site.

I didn't know they still made people like him! 
It is like watching a dinosaur with a beta max telling you about the future! 
I can't wait for October-22-2011  so I can msg this guy with all sorts of fun questions.

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The world's going to end on my 28th birthday! Sweet!
I guess theres no need to get a cake.
No, it means you get to way overindulge on the cake, because there's no worries about the long-term effects. XD
Sounds like god has a plan for him.
I'm sorry, he caused me to doze off in the first minute. How did you last the whole video?
I also msg him. I asked him to kill himself the day after his end of world prediction doesn't come true.

He replied:
Life as you know it will end on May 21, 2011, Judgment Day. A massive world wide earthquake will turn every city on earth into a pile of rubble. A 152 days later, on October 21, 2011, the Lord will turn this universe into an inferno of fire, destroying man forever. The probability of this happening is 100 %. Enjoy the next 15 months, that all you, your family, and friends, have left. Pray for mercy.
He's not responded has he.
Don't youy love how they twist like a worm on a hook when you call their bluff.
He responds to pretty much anybody. We should get a campaign of people with you tube accounts to msg him.

If he does give you all his $ Stephen, I get a 10% finders fee.
That guy looks familiar as he looks just like a con artist I knew a few years ago here in town that was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood practicing witchcraft and he stole everything he could from everyone before he left.
Ask him, he really does reply to every body. He does look like a total low-life though. Better yet msg him that you believe him and see if he needs to to send $ so he can build an ark or some shit.
Holy shit, they are like gremlins when you get them wet! I have found at least 4 of these nut jobs so far. I think some of them are meeting up in Boston the day the world is suppose to end.
Keep this screwball away from the women and children!




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