Go check out this guys youtube site.

I didn't know they still made people like him! 
It is like watching a dinosaur with a beta max telling you about the future! 
I can't wait for October-22-2011  so I can msg this guy with all sorts of fun questions.

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... so, if someone who was "chosen" to be reincarnated, died lets say, 5,000 years ago.
Does he have to wait 5,000 years for this judgment day to happen before he can be reborn?
... 5,000 years of nothing to do sounds pretty freaking boring to me... not sure I'd still be sane.


And where do these imaginary friend whispering idiots get these dates from?
I mean... if they're intending to follow the Christian religion... why use the Mayan faiths calendar?

Or did someone just read the weeks winning lottery numbers and the rest decided it sounded like a cool enough date, might be real?

Either way, his message was rather anti-climactic.
He basically just re-iterated exactly how we already expect to die (by ceasing to exist)... and added a little caveat... if you were pre-selected you're going to be immortal.

Ah... well... so... same exact death we expected... but a chance of winning a lottery we didn't enter?

If he's trying to preach to non-believers, threatening non existence is hardly a threat. We know that part already. We kind of expect it.
Wow, this is really creepy. Did anyone also happen to see the weird cartoon this dude had posted? Kind of reminds me of Salad Fingers....
Okay, I might be new here, but this sounds pretty good to me! The man says I get a new body (4:43 time stamp) on May 21, 2011.. this might be looking into! I'm not a spring chicken anymore... I might need a new body in 2011! What's not to understand! ;)

I do think the omnipotent one should find a better spokesman.
Quite a few videos on YouTube about this date. Looks like we Non-Theists better start gearing up, right now, for a huge influx of new members!
What I wanna know is where the date May 21, 1988 came about from? o.O
Hey, I'm a dinosaur with a Betamax! However, I would never presume to tell anyone about the future.
Sure Fred, but before you get your decoder ring and secret handshake, you must bore some children to tears with stories of "When I was your age..."
I can't wait for MAY 21st, 2011 -- the great day of RAPTURE LAUGHTER
If it is for fun, its ok otherwise you are just waisting your time and energy on an ediot. They are a lot, millions and millions out there. We can't waste our mind in fighting them even in a funny way. I did it for years without little success. Now I am bored with it.
Some of us are more easily amused than others, Amer ... averages....

Me, I haven't even watched this twit yet - still debating whether I want to or not ... and if I do, he'll have gotten more of my time than Beck or Hannity or O'Reilly have, so he'd be ahead on that score!
I did post this in the comedy thread right?
This was the first crazy I found, and I guess I got too excited. I really do find crazy people interesting. But I am also easily amused with shiny objects. I will check with Mr. Miller before posting to make sure I don't waste anybodies time.
"The Lamb's Book of Life"?!? Can I get that at Borders???

Ya know ... I note that this jag-off doesn't site chapter or verse one to back up his BS. My suspicion is that he just likes the sound of his own voice (like too many others on YouTube) ... and that was six minutes I could have used doing something more profitable.




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