In front of one of the many Baptist Churches around here is a sign promoting their Oct. 31 "Judgment House". Sounds a little too scary, or at least unpleasant for me. Under it is an ad for their weekly paintball adventure.

Next comes Ungrateful White Eyes Day, followed by Miracle Birth Day (aka: Solstice).

Happy Holidays!  Here's a toast:


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Thanks for sharing a wonderful, thoroughly secular, life-affirming, Australian perspective on the "Christmas" holiday season!

(one of several pages with the lyrics)

Also worth a look: last year's "This year's Christmas music thread" and the previous year's "Secular and reclaimed holiday songs". Lots of good music recommendations!

I am not dreading it as much this year. Not liking either, just oblivious so far.

I imagine we will have our usual thanksgiving cooking fest.

Ad for that other holiday, in late December, my partner seems excited this year. He is from China and still has a bemused sense the whole thing is exotic and weird. It helps me to see things through his eyes.

I'm like Daniel. Will do a a good feed on the last Thursday of November, and enjoy the 4 day weekend - without shopping or having a caged death match in the Wal-Mart. As to the Winter Solstice in the guise of the birth of a cosmic jewish zombie, I'll probably make a nice meal - no feast - but something substantial. For the last few years, I've tried getting away from gift giving, but it just doesn't work in this culture, at this time, in this society.

What I should do, is book a hotel room in Las Vegas for the Xmas weekend. It's cheap (the cost of New Year's is freaking outrageous), and enjoy the Strip without all the religious bullshit. I did that a few years ago, and I actually had a good time with the escapism. 

The Las Vegas thing sounds cool!

It is. A couple of years ago for Xmas, I got a 2 room suite at an off-strip casino - The Orleans - for $50.00 a night. And, it's really a great hotel with all the same amenities as any major named casino on the strip - like the Bellagio, Caesar's, or The Mirage. And, they have a free shuttle that takes you right downtown. A week later, for New Years, the same room was $200.00 a night. If you and Ning decide to gofor Xmas, I recommend seeing Penn & Teller at the Rio.

A "Judgement House." How neat. Everyone can get scared, convicted and convinced. Then they can cry and wail to jesus until forgiven, and then go out and do something else that needs forgiving. Funny that all the protestants say that is what the Catholics do.

I remember "ungrateful white eyes day." That's where the white eyes celebrate because if they had not of taught those Indians how to do everything they might have died, so they had a big feast together. How did they know that when they came from far away and had never been here before? I thought the Indians taught them.

Miracle Birth Day. Yes, little Jebus was lucky he didn't freeze to death at the Saturnalia. Or was that Mythras? Yes, we can get a lot of converts to our new religion if we just mix these holidays. Then we can keep lying about things just like we did from the beginning.

You guessed it. I don't like snow. As a kid they sent me out to play and I damned near froze my feet off. That's not fun. Build your own damned snowman.

I'm kind of excited. I already told my mother that I'm skipping thanksgiving at my sister's house. I'm soo relieved. My sister's kid's spouses aren't too fond of me, and we have to pretend. Some people just can't understand how I prefer solitude over group gatherings. Unless they are me, they can't understand. I'm free from thanksgiving. 


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