This is the best Intelligent Design has to offer?

What is the most absurd argument you have ever heard proposing ID? For me it is the "Earth is just the right distance from the sun for our thermal convenience!" propositon. This is insane! The moon recieves an equal amount of solar radiation, but with a miniscule atmosphere it has temperature fluctuations upward of 500 degrees! It is our atmosphere that gives us our comfort! Without the proper atmospheric conditions, no planet, at any distance could support life as we know it.

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Most ID arguments can be dismissed with the anthropic principle.
Yes they can. Maybe I should have posted in the humor section. I wanted to hear the craziest ideas presented in the name of ID.
Ha! I like to hit them with this one, " If the earth is so comfortable why do we spend billions of dollars every year changing the temperature of our homes?"
Also - poop tapers so your butthole won't slam shut.
Whoa! Don't throw pineapples at them ID guys! What could they possibly say about those Fibonacci spirals? That mathematics is a far better language in nature than their precious god as a designer would be too much for them to handle! Also, it sure doesn't fit the hand quite the same. They may even say it is ungodly because of that!
Yes, that is classic idiocy at its finest! Cameron can barely contain his thoughts on the banana as a phallic symbol! HaHa! You know, Cameron probably spent the better part of the 80's stuffing cocaine up his nose and banging his little groupies! Now he is shoving god up his nose instead! Should of stuck with the blow!

Or was it the 90's? I don't know! Too much cocaine for me to remember!
My worst nightmare is a banana?
I'm insulted.

A thought was sparked to me. I assume the point of fearing the banana is the argument that a banana is perfectly fit to a hand. It tastes good. The color is appealer to the eater, etc, etc. This man truly believed that the banana was the downfall of atheism. Then, something wonderful happened. Someone pointed out to him that the ORIGINAL banana was small and brown. The current yellow banana had been genetically altered by humans.

Also, I heard it pointed out why the f*ck are there coconuts? Don't fit in hand. Hard as f*ck to open. Remind me of a hairy man-chest. Wtf god?
I like the puddle one, I think it might have been douglas adams or something.

"hey, Im a puddle, and this pothole seems to fit me perfectly. It must have been designed especially for me! I love my designer"
Yeah, I guess fluid dynamics had nothing to do with that.




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