This is the best Intelligent Design has to offer?

What is the most absurd argument you have ever heard proposing ID? For me it is the "Earth is just the right distance from the sun for our thermal convenience!" propositon. This is insane! The moon recieves an equal amount of solar radiation, but with a miniscule atmosphere it has temperature fluctuations upward of 500 degrees! It is our atmosphere that gives us our comfort! Without the proper atmospheric conditions, no planet, at any distance could support life as we know it.

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We are perfectly suited to our planet, not that the planet is perfectly suited to us. That's like saying, "What are the chances of my parents having sex exactly nine months before I was conceived?".
ID is all about economics: Getting an education is expensive, being an idiot is free.
I am SO making a demotivational poster out of this.

EDIT: Here it is

That is great! Also sad. To think they would have to resort to such juvenile tactics to advance their position. Even an argument based on flawed science is better than this rubbish!

On the flip side it is incredibly entertaining!
I am not quite sure I understand that comment. The video is hilarious and juvenile, no? And even an argument that is remotely scientific is better than this shit they are spouting.
Oh - I was commenting on the video - must have replied to the wrong thing. Yes, the video is hilarious - but the non-sequitor is mind-boggling. Tina Fey had to do a tiny bit of work to parody Sarah Palin. I highly doubt you could do this one word for word, gesture for gesture and make it any more absurd.

BTW - I agree with Duane (below).
Ah, OK! It did cause me to wonder about my own comment! LOL!
Where is the Jackalope?
Is it supposed to be a sarcasm of evolution?
I know, that's why I mentioned it.
I'm surprised the video didn't show it.
For me it goes like this (and I paraphrase):

15 billion years ago God made the Big Bang which resulted in the 30 billion light year in diameter universe we see today. 450 million years ago He planned evolution so that, in the last 2 million years (give or take) it would lead up to modern man who has been around for about 40,000. Now, on a planet of six billion humans, I can petiton Him to alter His Master Plan just enough so I get a raise when I didn't really deserve one.

Sounds about right.




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