This is what scares us atheists!! This is an actual ad for candidate Zach Wamp for TN Governor. Warning!! May cause vomiting!

This idiot fundie ran for Governor of the state of TN. This represents everything that is evil to us atheists. It's at the very heart of what we feel is wrong with the world. The fact that this mouth breather had the balls to run this bewel she-ut on the air waves, and actually say what he says, gives me a sense of dread and foreboding that I can't amply convey. I know one thing, this stands for everything we atheists are fighting against. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you Zach Wamp. Congressman, Gubernatorial candidate and MORON!

Well you were warned!
Oh yeah, he was thankfully beaten in the primary!

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I sure hope this creature does not get his way!
Thankfully he was beaten in the primary! I encouraged everyone I know to go vote in the primary against this idiot.
Yeah, it's revolting to the core of my being. This is what we are all up against here. It is promising he was beaten. I thought for sure this would cinch it for him.
Oy...someone...please...just...put him out of his misery...and tape it..
"Our Judeo-Christian heritage," eh? Just what planet in a galaxy far, far away did THIS piece of work come from???
Yeah, the dread and foreboding was for exactly what you describe above. The coming of the religious zombies wanting to give not only their lives but this whole country to the invisible god in the sky.

As for the back lash, I guess I'm an optimist. I'm hoping it won't happen. I'm hoping that most Americans won't follow idiots like that douche Sarah Palin. What I am doing, is not being silent.
He sure looks like a bumbling idiot, almost like the ones in cartoons.
God wrote our constitution? I thought it was our forefathers!
Yeah and unless I'm totally blind or illiterate, god is mentioned exactly no where in the Constitution. Conspicuously so in fact!
To bad the nutjobs confuse the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.
Almost sounds like he said "I believe god is the sinner of the universe." Have to check out the guy who did win and see how the craziness compares.
Yikes. Its the KKK in a suit.




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