There is a school teacher in Ohio (my state) that got fired for, among other things, preaching creationism to his 8th grade public school students.  He is suing the state claiming, again among other things, defamation of character and religious discrimination.  I think his character is quite plain.  The facts are not in dispute he hung posters in the classroom with bible verses on them and the ten commandments.  He taught creationism and apparently he "burned" crosses onto the arms of the children.  I have included the thread from NCSE on this.  

This is one big reason that our courts are muddled with useless litigation.  There is no gray area here.  He crossed the line between separation of church and state and now HE is claiming to be the victim.  

Why can't religious nuts just keep their mouths shut???!!!**ALL**&filt...

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wow; as if the world has not been held back enough with the crap from the likes of N.A.R...
fubar! wow.


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