My wife is a US citizen. I am an admirer of many aspects of the United States. But the idea that many of the leading Republican presedential front runners are unapologetically anti-science is extremely worrying.

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Yes, I agree with you there.  Appreciate the link.
As the author points out, it's not just the presidential candidates.  The Republicans, as a party, are strongly opposed to rationality, science, and tolerance.  Their dream utopia is a melding of the church, corporations, and the government, with a strong military backing this three headed hydra.  And, with Perry and Bachmann affiliated with the Dominionists, they're closer to accomplishing this than most people think (I should say, "thinking people think" since the great masses of Americans are no more insightful than the great masses of Germans in 1933).
I know what you mean.  My dad's a lifelong Republican and a conservative Lutheran...he likes to try to 'bait' me into arguing about climate change.  He thinks it was all made up by Al Gore to support  a political agenda.  He doubts scientific findings but hangs onto religious 'truth' for dear life.  He is also fond of using the old "only a theory" standpoint about evolution.  (My mom and dad don't 'believe' in evolution.)
Will you talk to my dad?  Ha....He can be so reasonable on some topics.... I think my parents attend too many bible study classes and get their heads filled with who knows what... it's not healthy for their brain cells.  Maybe I'll try debating this labor day weekend and see where THAT gets less bratwurst on the grill probably......
You'd need 'em...ha ha.  And alcohol. have a good weekend.




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