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The only x masturbateor is a dead masturbateor.
And seems they would be encouraging masturbation as a sexual outlet.
You made me google "X Masturbator" and then "Passion 4 Christ" and I'm convinced that Christianity is doomed ...
LMAOROFL! Oh. wow. Words can't express. Beautiful.
I really want one of those ex-lesbian t-shirts
or an ex-rebel one
If you're taking votes, I say get an ex-lesbian shirt.

I'm actually pleasantly surprised that they acknowledge the existence of bisexuals.
it's the hip hop passion 4 christ movement's newest idea to spread the message of christ! here is the original site.. passion 4 christ store
Oh, Baby!
maybe we could make some X christian ones? or X idio†? (t as a cross?)
Ooohh dear that site really is scary, the whole thing stinks of desperation.
I wonder if I can get one with "constant" instead of "x" ?
Math humour! Ar ar!
Please tell me that's a Poe.
What ever happened to "The Children Of God"?

One of their mottoes was "become a hooker for Jesus".Their young nubile females would go about pussy whipping horny young boys to get them into the cult. I think their leader was eventually gaoled for statutory rape.
Yeah I read about that, sadly they never turned up round my way :-(




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