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I do a little cartooning for fun,and i agree.
I enjoyed it.

I don't have a problem with allot of reading in comics myself, but then again, I don't read allot of comics, nor do I make them any more.
I agree though that quick and to-the-point messages in comics enhance the comedic flavour.
Ha! Thanks for posting that.
While I agree with the criticism, I believe though that this message might be hard to carry across with pictures only, although it might be possible. I however believe that each example of the rightwingoverse could've been enhanced by putting it on paper. This would make the comic longer, but also more funny I believe :)
I think I'm still a little conservative about abortion. I do worry slightly about it becoming too casual. No, I don't think it will be anything women wish to go through or do so frequently-- much more frightening is the idea of it not being a hard decision. I feel like it should be easier for those whose lives are in danger (literally or figuratively) to make the decision to abort without fear, but harder for women who got pregnant through stupidity and wish to abort a child with a heartbeat... And it seems to me that situations which are truly life-threatening to either mother or baby are rare, and date-rape pregnancies are even more rare. I'm not trying to start some lengthy debate, I'm just kind of surprised, because I can understand the mindset to some extent.




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