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Dennis, and the Earth will get hotter, the water will evaporate, flora and fauna will die, and the holier than thou religious will screech, with ugly, distorted faces, and fingers pointing into our faces and they will say, "We told you so!"

The irony is, they will not have a heaven to go to and their suffering will end just as ours will. They wont get their jollies watching us burn for eternity. 

OK, let's create a new image. People who care about quality of life for all people will be able to rally, incorporating all those who suffer under the boot of oligarchs, and create a movement of simpler living, an end of our hard earned money being sucked out of pockets into big business and corrupt government.

We will work, create goods and services in our local areas, spend our money and bank in local banks, keeping all those profits to be distributed to those who produce locally.

We will pay attention to the quality of life of all people and the Earth; we will set aside land for migration of birds and animals; we will farm using non-toxic chemicals; we will have small family farms and businesses even as we refuse to buy cheap goods grown or made by slave labor of other impoverished nations.

We will show our concern for all human life by joining with them to learn sound agricultural techniques, and distribution of goods and services close to their communities. We will do that, not to benefit from their slave labor, but to work with them to solve very human problems and find solutions to what seem insurmountable conflicts. 

We will benefit by work and play with the pure joy of being alive.  Can't have play without work. Even a robin knows that; it gets up each morning and goes in search of making a living. If a robin can do it, so can a human. 

Thank you; what a wonderful, positive image of creating a "heaven on earth"!

I agree Grinning Cat.  Thanks indeed to Joan for such a positive image of "heaven on earth".

And thanks, also, to the author of the website Why Won't God Heal Amputees? for the ringing call there to work towards creating a "Heaven on Earth":

(BTW, the same author also believes that strong church communities -- people who meet to focus on goodness, to support each other, and to do good in the wider world -- could continue to thrive without their delusions and primitive scripture: )

But god DOES heal amputees! It's just that he cannot give them back the missing parts of their bodies. There are some species here on earth that can re-grow amputated limbs, but man is not one of them. It simply means that humans are not the highest life form OR that lizards and the like are a higher species more liked by god.

For real answers check into christian apologetics. They seem to know everything!

It's now possible to do hand and arm transplants on people

Good articles GC.  I'd read some of that large website's articles, but not those two.

ROFL!  I think it's Gr8!!   :-D

Deliberate False Advertising.

Makes young theists curious and wanting to find out why Atheism cause War, etc...

I like the principle of Any Advertising is Good Advertising.

The more Christian groups advertise Atheism, the more likely their children will want to meat an atheist to see what it is all about and likely find the truth.

I've known children at my Christian school who became curious when we had an Atheist teacher in our midst, much to the dismay of the other teachers who warned us not to get too friendly with the Atheist.

The reason the school employed him was that he was the highest qualified Physics teacher they could get and he actually left teaching the year after I left to become a nuclear physicist when the CSIRO offered him the position. 

The children were so curious about him that he became the most popular teacher in the school with the students and many of us left that school as atheists.

He was a much nicer person than most of the other Christian teachers.

A big influence on my life during school.

Warnings from the priest about him only led us towards him.

Typical deal, GOD'aye ... if you want to make something more popular than ever, BAN IT!

I agree with what you wrote, with an addendum, say what you think, out loud and publicly. Even in the face of ostracism. To remain silent when the priests, teachers, or whoever, says to avoid an atheist, or a communist, or a ... whatever, state what you think so that others can hear and see your behavior. 

Cenek, you ought not be fine with theists saying silly things. If you reflect a bit I think you will agree that it is not true that free market place of ideas guarantees good ideas.


I agree, "you ought not be fine with theists saying silly things." Being silent, nodding, smiling, imply agreement. Silly does as silly says! 

In a change of subject, I also agree, " it is not true that free market place of ideas guarantees good ideas."

Now, if I had a sense of humor, I could find a funny way to rebut silly ideas; however, I have not one funny bone in my body. 

When I hear how "free" the market is, I want to kill!



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