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Fish and chips I like. steak and kidney pie and haggis are experiences I tried and that supplied me with enough for a lifetime. Mashed potatoes with turnips (neeps and tatties), or potatoes with cabbage (bubble and squeak) are good.  

Don't remember neeps&tatties or bubble&squeak, but I probably had them and probably liked them.

Good Fish and Chips is nicer with mushie peas and tar-tar sauce.

Don't remember those either, but it wouldn't surprise me to find-out I had them.

I like both, a lot! Easy to find recipes by Googling. Bon Appetit!

Don't get angry Kitten.  First of all you have to realize you are dealing with people with such low emotional maturity that they never moved past the "imaginary friend/Santa" stage of development.  Second think of it this way...  When have you ever heard a news report say a group of extremist Atheists bombed a doctors office or executed hostages?  You should feel sorry for these people not be angered by them.     

Feeling sorry for those people is not the emotion that comes to mind for me. 

Grinning Cat, thanks for the referral to "Why won't God heal amputees?" I like what Larry Keefauver says about heaven on Earth; however, I do not think the goal is to end all work, that would be absolute boredom for me. Whether it is growing my own food, making my own meals, making my own clothes, or remodelling my own home, I think all these tasks require thinking, verbal skills, technical know how and result in spending time in a meaningful way. I don't do all these tasks, because it is easier to buy something someones else makes. Earned money makes the exchange possible.

I think work is more than making money; it is creating a healthy environment for individuals to grow; it is being part of a community to face challenges we are unable to accomplish alone; it is forming nations to achieve big projects too large for individuals; it is recognizing each one exists as part of something far larger than being human on a planet spinning around the sun, in the Milky Way, just one of billions of other galaxies.

Any notion of god is just too small. We participate in processes that occur out of natural means. I don't want to be idle and helpless in a system where all work is done for me. I want to participate in creating a lifestyle worthy of my effort.

Joan, I agree that ending all work is not a good goal.  Of course, it depends on the meanings of work.  I think it would be a good thing to end the kind of work that most of us have to do to survive.  Work that is dangerous, unpleasant, boring, or too stressful.

For me "working" in my garden, creating things, learning, and other enjoyable activities is not what I would call work.  

For many years I've looked forward to the day when machines could take-over the dangerous, boring, unpleasant jobs, leaving us free to do what is satisfying to us.  I think we would be at that point at this time, if it were not for the greedy people that take more than their share of what is produced.  How we overcome that, I don't know.

Spud, I agree with you that most jobs are deadly boring, and that needs to chang. Having meaningful work, one that stretches abilities and provides valuable services and fits with ones personalities is best. I just shudder at the though of having no work to do. Even after I retired, I worked as hard as before, however I did things I like. 

This poster really shouldn't piss anyone off (Atheist, at least).   The occurrence of all the things listed in that poster is stemmed from a belief in deities.  

How do I say this gently?

Many of us have known trauma of various kinds and years later we might still react to it. For instance, I hear a few old men defend their right to beat their children. I don't find humor in their words and I don't listen patiently.

My memories of my parents' violence never resulted in nightmares, the most serious level of post-traumatic stress. My memories did result in my being hyper-alert, the least serious level of PTSD.

I've had time to deal with my memories and I have for 15 years lived in a retirement home for war veterans. A few years ago I became able to laugh as I told other veterans I'd grown up in a violent home and had PTSD before I went to war.

Okay, that first poster. My first reaction to it was not laughter. I wanted to know whose work it was; I'm still alert to the damage xians can do to my rights. I want to know my political enemies so I can defeat their efforts.

To those here who became uncomfortable, I can say I understand. I want to say "I hope you have the resources to recover from your stress."

Then, seeing that poster again, I chuckled.

Finally, I'm saddened that some xians are so seriously damaged that they believe it.

Yeah, Napoleon, I chuckled when I saw your contribution.




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