Homeowners Angered at Prospect of Having to Pay for Church Repairs

An archaic law left over from the reign of Henry VIII has caused anger in a Shropshire village after a number of households found out they could be liable for paying for repairs at their local church. Notices informing residents that claims against their properties had been made by their local parochial church council has left villagers in Stottesdon reeling. [Read more]

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I think I would be a little angry too. I'm angry now that school taxes have to be paid by people who have no kids in school. This isn't fair but it fits in.

By "fitting in" I mean that everyone must pay high property taxes. This is because road repairs, along with everything happening in government, just keeps on going up and up. This is why your taxes are high. They want to keep up that myth. Your 1899 house is now worth a small fortune. Heating it will cost you a fortune also. That $15,000 shack you bought years ago is now worth $150,000! Not in a pig's eye, but the cost of services goes up and we have to feed the illusion.

On the other hand, your car isn't worth crap! It cost as much as a house and you drove it off the lot and the value went down by $8,000. Go figure.

This seems to be a working link to the article: http://www.secularism.org.uk/news/2014/02/homeowners-angered-at-pro...

(I see this as different from school taxes; public schools serve everyone, and at least in theory provide a good education without religious indoctrination.)

Clearly, that ancient legal church privilege known as "chancel repair liability" has got to go.

Its really an obsolete law. If people can be taxed by the church, then they should be able to vote on use of the church property. They could vote to hsve the church sold to pay for the taxes. They should demand that.




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