This Toys "R" Us Commercial Is Disturbing in So Many Ways Good intentions, bad execution: Why we're not buying the latest "feel-good" ad campaign from the toy retailer

Toys R Us ... lame.. shame on using kids! Science and nature walks.. priceless.

There’s a surprise! They’re not meeting any trees, after all -- they’re going to Toys "R" Us! And -- here’s the kicker -- they get to pick out any toy they want! Not surprisingly, the bus goes nuts. Cut to the kids running through the store, playing with princesses and Barbies, hugging Elmo, scooping up a bike and an XBox. 

And here’s what we hate about this: Toys "R" Us has effectively just told a busload of kids that free toys are better than science education. As one YouTube video commenter put it, “Here is how Toys "R" Us apparently sees the world, and wants our children to see it: Nature sucks. Cheap plastic toys are great. Science education sucks. Commercialism is great. Field trips to see nature are boring. Running wild around a chain store is fantastic.” We couldn’t agree more -- and that message makes us sad. 

But here’s what the commercial doesn’t make clear, and it’s an important “but”: Those kids? They’re not actors, they’re from local New York charities, including Big Brothers Big Sisters and The Boys & Girls Club. And that makes the excitement over a trip to a big-box toy store and the promise of a free toy -- things that would be totally alluring to any kid -- even more understandable. 

The sad thing is, if given the chance, those same city kids probably would have been totally psyched to spend an afternoon in the forest, learning about nature, too.

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I've seen the commercial, but didn't really take notice. Thanks for the insight.

I doubt a "ranger" would participate in that.  Sounds like he's lying.  Typical advertisement.

Unfortunate choice for Toys R Us.  I would rather have the nature trip.  Even as a kid.  But I was considered weird.

I was considered "weird" as a kid as well.  lol  I've always had my eccentricities.  Not to the point where other kids avoided me, but in a fun way. 

I'm so glad I cancelled cable two years ago.




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