They say Fox is not a news organization, it is an entertainment network. Actually it is a propaganda network that some people think is news. This video that shows how they reacted to Obama doing something and Trump doing the very same thing is brilliant. I can't get over the blatant hypocrisy.

The worlds biggest hypocrites

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Hence Gore Vidal's term The United States of Amnesia. Hypocrisy pays big time. In politics now there's room for anything and everything except any semblance of truth. Quaint concept, that.

Disgusting hypocrites....the lot of them!

  This is why I study modern politics and apply it to historical studies. Man has not changed as far as bias is concerned. So when I study history I am almost more interested in the authros bias than the history the author is speaking of as this gives me a better understanding of what actual events may have occured. Thank you news media for making me a better historian and to you russel for posting this.




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