Dangerous atheists want to wipe out Christianity

Atheism fosters violence

Pretty much the opposite in my view. Religion has caused more wars than atheism.

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I think you'll find most here agree with you... That said, your title is a bit misleading and confusing. No offense...

I've edited the title. Thanks for pointing out that it was confusing.

This guy has got his facts twisted so badly I wonder if he could ever recognize the truth of the matter.  I don't suppose anyone has quoted him prison population statistics by religious affiliation, have they?

Good point Loren!

Very good point Loren.  If this is the view of the head of the church how on earth do we except its followers to be accepting or caring of anyone diverse? 

Putting aside who is the most violent group of people in any theist / atheist divide, the most important question for me is: 'Does "God" exist?'

Roman Catholic Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor has warned that supporters of secularism are intolerant of other viewpoints. 

Actually, he's 100% correct. I am intolerant of child molesting pederasts, and the wealthy, bloated, bureaucracy that condones and covers it up. Tough shit, Cormac!

Here's a clue. I'm your enemy. And, me and millions like me who value decency, knowledge, rationality, and morality are coming after you and your ilk. Your days of keeping humanity in the dark are numbered. Whine and snivel all you want. Like the dinosaurs who farted themselves to death, your poisonous effluvium will ultimately be your undoing. Maybe not in my lifetime, but it's coming, Cormac. It's coming.

If it were somehow possible for them to practice their faith without constantly attempting to superimpose it on others or to lobby the government into somehow believing that the values they espoused were necessary to the government, it would be one thing.  That church or any other would conduct themselves like any other business: maintaining their existing customer base and gaining new customers on the merits of their product. People would evaluate that product and choose one or another based on their own requirements and the purported virtues of one given belief system or another. If they could 
Conduct Themselves Civilly, I doubt any of us would have a problem at all with religion.

The obvious problem is that they don't seem to be able to bring themselves to do that.  Their putative savior taught them to proselytize, so they proselytize.  Their leaders falsely assert that the US is a christian nation, founded on christian principles, so the followers expect and demand favored status for themselves and their belief set. Most of all, they're convinced that they have
 The Truth, and that the world would be a far more wonderful place if everyone knew their truth, and therewith comes the childhood indoctrination and the interminable TV evangelists and the visits by Jehovah's Witnesses and government lobbyists and all the other behaviors we as atheists have come to know and loathe.

The true problem has been THEIR intolerance ... of any attitude other than their own, and their continued, unwelcome promulgation of said attitude, particularly in the face of the thorough and detailed debunking of their snake oil. Further, their behavior, particularly in cases such as the child abuse scandal and the denial of condoms in the age of AIDS is pernicious regardless of the source and rightfully protested.

If those and other behaviors earn our intolerance, it is deserved. That they cannot recognize their own transgressions should be damning.

I'm not sure that it's within their makeup and nature to conduct themselves civilly. As you stated, they believe they have a monopoly on truth, and theirs is the only truth that can be recognized. Couple that with their belief that they have a duty, as a requirement to save their own "soul," that their truth must be spread and imposed on everyone else.

Therein lies the nature of their intolerance. And, those who dare to challenge their belief systems by pointing out the logical inconsistencies and abject nonsense, are to be vilified, attacked, and suppressed. In the past, when those who pursued enlightenment and intelligence wouldn't join them, they burned them at the stake.  Today, when we don't submit, their efforts turn to enlisting the government and public opinion to suppress us.

As a direct result of the blinders to reality they willingly wear and the mind set into which they have boxed themselves, they are left with no choice but to act they way they do. The giants of the past - Voltaire, Diderot, Locke, Jefferson Madison, Darwin, Ingersoll, Clarence Darrow (to name a few) - advanced human society and moved us away from the theistic barbarism that is still being promulgated by the likes of Cormac, Ayatollahs, and others of their despicable ilk. I, for one, in whatever small way I can while standing on the shoulders of these giants, have no intention of letting these vermin get back in charge of society.

Secularism's high priests.... Bahahahaha!!

I think the title is wrong. It should be dangerous Christians want to wipe out everyone who doesn't believe as they do, which given the wide range of divergent beliefs among "Christians" means pretty much everyone. I'd be perfectly happy to allow others the right to any cockamamie belief they want as long as they leave others alone. Since they don't, they need to be opposed any time they presume to inflict their insanity on others.

Oh I love this an RCC Cardinal (retd) lecturing the nation on the subject of tolerance, what a sick joke. This from a church that has provided a safe haven for ex-Nazis, turned the Republic of Ireland in to a Catholic theocracy, and covers up the rape of children by it's own priests as a matter of church policy.


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