Thou shalt Believe in Geology & Geophysics or Thou shalt Surely die

Howdy y'all an Old friend of Pennsylvanian Madalyn here
Public Records of Bexar & Travis Counties, Texas shows

1. Texas Jewish Post (1/7th of 8/8ths WI)
2. Playboy Magazine (1/7th of 8/8ths WI)
3. The Texas Catholic Newspaper (1/7 of 8/8ths WI)
4. American Atheist Newsletter (1/7th of 8/8ths WI)
5. The Dallas Morning News (1/7th of 8/8ths WI)
6. Dallas Observer (1/7th of 8/8ths WI)
7. The Society of Exploration Geophysicists;
-- The Leading Edge
 (1/7th of 8/8ths WI)

Ark under Heelstone, Stonehenge
Partial Assignment and Bill of Sale

1. John Glen MP - Working for Salisbury
2. The National Trust
3. English Heritage
4. Council for British Archaeology
5. Wessex Archaeology
6. The Royal Society
7. United Nations Educational, Scientific
-- and Cultural Organization

Geology & Geophysics
Madalyn 'new' Religion

Thanks! G-D

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