• Those for whom religion was more important to their lives. “This is surprising,” Childs writes, as most religions “promote honesty as a virtue. It may be that students for whom religion was important feel separate from other students at this largely secular university,” and thus feel less compelled to be honest with them.

or if it's out of spite, apparently.  none of this should be surprising to anyone here.  the entirety of religion is based on lies, and many of their adherents know it.  quite frankly, the true moral majority in America today is us.  secular humanists, imo, are considerably more moral, empathetic, and inclusive than our religious counterparts.  ironic, no?

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My grandfather, who taught me much, advised against entering into business deals with devout Christians; arguing that, if they can lie to themselves, even if unknowingly, they can certainly lie to you. And then there's the whole Christian 'get out of jail free' card of forgiveness where, no matter what you've done, if you repent on your deathbed it's all cool. Such wishful, magical 'thinking' posits an imagined afterlife as more important than actual life, and so any transgressions in this inferior existence are insignificant compared to the hoped-for 'next existence', and therefore no big deal.

Dear Ex bought a 5 year old car from her Baptist minister. He, the original owner, assured her that it had been meticulously maintained and was in pristine condition. She paid much more than market value, based on her trust in him. That car was a frikkin' nightmare of hack work, and turned out to have been totaled and extensively if poorly rebuilt. She had much more than twice market value invested by the time we got the car into decent shape, and it was worth little because of it's history (at least with an honest seller).

Still, when she inherited some money she gave $25 grand to that minister's church! It's hard to imagine a more fertile field for deceit than religion, since the 'buyers' come there expressly to be deceived.


interesting.  yet i work extensively with Jewish Orthodox businessmen and I've found them to be honest to a fault, and great business partners.  perhaps it's b/c of my last name...but i think most of them know i'm not actually Jewish.

lol Mel! i'm safe as it was my father who was Jewish.  whew!  dodged a bullet there :)

me too!  it's probably why i was open about my atheism since college.  people would always ask/assume that i was Jewish, so i'd have to tell them i was raised catholic but i'm not that either.  if/when they pressed i'd tell them i was an atheist.  lots of crickets after that.  

you'll have to email me your last name.  i'm dying to know what it is.

Booklover, I didn't know that.  Or, if I did had forgotten.



Kind of reminds me of the old joke by Emo Phillips.

"I always wanted a bicycle. When I told my parents, they told me to pray for one. So day after day, I prayed to Jesus to get me a bike. Nothing."

"Then I figured out how this worked. I stole one, and asked for forgiveness."

love it!

Pat, That is funny!




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