Thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here”

I just finished going through a list of dynasties in Egypt from the Early Dynastic Period,  starting about c.3100 BCE. I am interested in how one pharaoh's leadership time ended and how did it end. So many individuals lost their power through violence it makes me wonder why any of them would want to lead. Why would a person deliberately put his or her life in the crosshairs of a bow and arrow, a hangman's noose, or the possibility of being knocked in the head with a mace, or some other weapon of war? 

We know, in our time and our nation, we can expect to have regime change in the election process of one person having one vote. Never mind the reality that thugs and bullies shoot down the progressive ideas, figuratively and literally and that real power resides behind the screen.  

OK, that is our reality! Now, what thoughts and actions can we make that will create a new reality? We are a moral and ethical lot, on the whole, and we stand on principles of non-violence.  

A public dissent makes a difference! Stand up in school meetings or before the city council and declare that we need a wall between religion and public education. It is a simple concept and one that any of us can do. 

We can talk to our legislators at the state and federal level to express our concerns about global warming. 

Others in our communities think as we do and we can engage in discussions with them and start talking about the widening gap between rich and poor. Education and health care for the wealthy and not the wage-worker goes contrary to the safety net that we built up after WW II. 

We can find other groups who share our values and work with them to raise awareness of current problems that need solving. Forming coalitions means gaining power. 

If the government is successful in closing down dissent by closing down alternative progressive media, we can find other ways to communicate, i.e., the internet, use the phone or letters, or by assembling. 

We have to stop scapegoating; the real cause of our problems are the banks and financial institutions that favor the wealthy and ignore the needs of the wage-worker. 

WE ARE NOT HELPLESS IN THESE MATTERS. We only need to think and take action to mobilize the citizens. 

O]ur social contract is underwritten by socialistic policies such as Social Security, Health Care, highways and by ways maintained by governments, police departments, and a standing military; for the benefit and good of all, even if more for some than others. Will all of this be dismantled in a sociopathic jihad that posits everyone should be on their own in some kind of jungle ethos? Are we just going to give this a whirl and see where it ends while the rest of the world watches?

Thoughts on “It Can’t Happen Here”

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