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I see these Nativity Scenes, on yards and in photos, and I always wonder what kind of mother Mary was suppose to be!  Here's a woman who has carried this life inside her for the usual nine months, and delivers her child safely into the world, and all she does is stick him in a box and stare at him.  Where's the love?  Wouldn't a healthy-minded mother want to hold her child close?  Who cares if he's Divinely implanted, he's an infant!


Anyway, that's what I think of every year.  Am I the only one who thinks that way?

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Interesting analysis which rings true. The conversation between the H-Ghost and Lil'-Joe nine months previous must have been, uh, interesting, too. Joey didn't seem to object to renting Mary out, nor did Mary care. Are we pemitted to imagine the dialogue here?

I look at it as a fairy tale. It didn't really happen -- that's what I think when I see those nativity scenes.


H-Ghost: "I like the looks of that girl, Mary, there."

Lil' Joey:   "It's gonna cost you, Ghostie."


H-Ghost: "My Boss gave me a pile of cash moniez."

Lil' Joey:   "All righty, then."


Thus is the story of the conception of the Son of Man**



**Sanitized, shortened version--rated PG

I've said this before but:
a) Mary must have been freaked out. I mean, a god/holy spirit had sex with her non-consensually and she was probably under age. This suggests statutory rape. ;)

b) If she lied to cover up a non-divine affair she must be i) surprised that everyone was gullible and bought her story ii) wondering how she can pull it off when people start noticing that her baby looks a lot like Mr. Baker down the street.

b) Most recent translations of the original bible texts state that she is not described as a 'virgin' when she conceived, merely that she was a 'young woman'.

You're right.  Traditional nativity scenes show all the mother/child bonding of this one.

Tokyo - Beware!

I like that one!  LMAO  also, where I live they sell these wooden blank statues for the nativity, I'd like to buy them and make them into aliens and have a really off-center nativity scene of my own!

Every time I here anything about Mary I think of this T-shirt (NSFW). http://tinyurl.com/l27yvk

The fable of the virgin birth occurs in other religious myths, so there is something about it that resonates.  I guess they didn't have car seats then so the manger was the next best thing.  My partner who grew up in rural China tells me that in his village they used to let their dogs lick the babys' butts clean, for lack of baby wipes.  Everything is cultural.  Also maybe he's pulling my leg.

He maybe pulling your leg, Sentient.  On the other hand, a great book I read years ago, The Last Place on Earth, is a narrative of the race between Scott and Amundsen to be the first to reach the South Pole.  Amundsen used his sled dogs to eat  human feces so as to keep the camp more sanitary.  Then again, these explorers ultimately ate the dogs so as not to get scurvy.  But I digress from the topic at hand.

 Fear not!You are not alone, often as a child trying to make sense of what every body was so fussed about this god and jesus stuff, I did spare a thought for the old girl, Mary; she did have a rough deal of it, it's not as if the pregnancy was exactly consensual and, true to all biblical yarns, does'nt get a mention again in the whole boring book! So maybe the catholics are not as bad as we thought, at least they seem to hold her in some esteem, ( never quite got the hang of that one either, mmm). But I suppose the reasons behind her back stage only pass is the blatant mysoginism of which the bible seems to excell.

I never really understood why Catholics even revere Mary as holy so much. I mean, the bible itself says that the only way to god is through christ. So why emphasise Mary so much? Not to mention all the saints!

Illogical. But what do you expect?

Of course, we non-believers know that the reason for this worship is purely historical. Saints and Mary were just a way to fit in with previous religious beliefs, ie Roman pantheism (saints) and the primeval worship of the female aspect/principle (just about every pagan belief system, the world over)

RE: Japanese monster nativity. here's my creationist/monster' 'nativity':

Maybe she just stares at the baby because it was a product of her being rapped by.... well according to the mythology of God.... her "father". Must have been a very traumatic experience & the baby might just be a painful reminder. No wonder she always seems so morose.




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