I know that this has come up before, but what do you think about merging the GLBT groups? Are they really that different that 2 (or 3) groups are needed? What would be needed in order for a 'merger' to occur? If not merging them, then maybe define the groups more in terms of their topics? I can't see a difference. Pros? Cons? Don't care? Could the be merged by just selecting one group, and leaving a comment line for the others stating something like "Let's all get together in one group - please join and leave comments in ....."?

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I have no problems with merging or all of us joining one of the groups.
OK, so here's my next question - Should this same question be posted on the other groups? I realize that the groups are not a democracy - each has a moderater - but if people who respond to the question are all in agreement, my thought is to just pick the group with the largest number of members, post in the other 2 groups a discussion "Lets all join hands - Please join **** and post all new comments there. This group will be saved for the old discussions, but lets have all new discussion at ****" -

Does that seem like a reasonable approach - pros, cons, dont care?
Daniel, I would contact the moderators of each group priavetly first, and get their opinion.
I sent emails to each of the moderators. Maybe I did it wrong - never got a reply. Maybe we could formulate a group rebellion and send everyone to one group only, leaving the other 2 to languish?
One email seems like minimal outreach. This group and the GLBTQ Atheists are close to the same size, but many of us are members of both. Gaytheists is much smaller and mostly inactive.

I think we should petition all the GLBTQ Nexus groups and simultaneously ask Brother Richard to help us negotiate a merger. If there are divisive issues, we should air them and find ways to resolve them, because at this point, unity on its own wins us more battles than does a divided presence.

Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.
If you hear back from Richard, wave "hello" from me, and ask him if he wouldn't mind answering some of my languishing questions.

I suggest giving him a week or two to respond, then posting in the General Network Questions forum category, or Atheist Nexus Discussions.

I don't think the Ning software will allow a merging of two groups. As was suggested elsewhere, closing two (if that is acceptable to the folks in those groups) and leaving them so the discussions don't disappear, and then having everyone paying attention migrating to the other group would probably be the way to go.
Sounds practical to me. Let's just make it overtly known that this move is all about practicality and streamlining and simplicity and convenience and that we still all love each other and that it is pure coincidence that all the pretty ones flock here and the ugly ones are left there.
Unfortunately, people start groups and then forget about them, or get busy, or lose interest, or...

I'd love to see all the groups combined. Also, the other initial missing from BGLTQ is A, for "allies".
Sounds very practical and reasonable. The blossoming of so many sub-sites so fast is kind of getting me lost along the shuffle. I can't find the site that I've been invited to join in a pod-casting capacity, of some sort, for instance (Filipino gay atheist)
NH Baritone - today I once again made an outreach attempt to the 3 group moderaters. Looking at their A|N pages, they dont seem to be active. True, I didn't explore too deeply.

I would like to propose, again, that the 3 groups find a way to merge into one. If no responses from the 3 moderaters, then maybe we can ask for 2 of the groups to be closed for new posts, and a statment added to the 2 closed ones stating something to the effect of "in the interest of better communication, the GLBTQ groups have merged. Please join and post your comments in the merged group, GLBTQA Atheists" or something to that effect.

Then a moderator iks needed for the group that is merged. Again, if none of the moderaters is active, or paying attention, maybe we can ask for a volunteer to do so and ask for it to be switched to the new moderater. The group moderater can also change the group name, if they wish, to make sure it is fully inclusive.

Even though I am proposing this, I prefer that I not be the moderator, since I already moderate 2 groups. Is there someone who would like to do this?

Any thoughts on this proposal? My intent isn't to have a group "coup", just to have bulid a more effective online community as it were.

NH Baritone, ould you like to petition the other group? I agree that the Gaytheist group looks like it's dead in the water and is a logical one to close. Such extinction is part of evolution.
Any chance of ditching some initials rather than adding more? It's getting a tad out of hand.

I saw reference to a LGBTIQQ group the other day. Ye (if you'll pardon the french) gods!
How true, how true! What is the 2nd Q? I'm getting out of touch. We could go for "Q" or "Out" or "nonstraight and their friends" (ugh) or "perverts" or.....



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