I know that this has come up before, but what do you think about merging the GLBT groups? Are they really that different that 2 (or 3) groups are needed? What would be needed in order for a 'merger' to occur? If not merging them, then maybe define the groups more in terms of their topics? I can't see a difference. Pros? Cons? Don't care? Could the be merged by just selecting one group, and leaving a comment line for the others stating something like "Let's all get together in one group - please join and leave comments in ....."?

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One of the Qs is 'Queer', the other 'Questioning', or so I'm told.

I'm stumped for an umbrella term.
An umbrella might make an interesting logo.

I remember reading a bio of Marlin Brando, I think by one of his former wives. She referred to him as "polysexual" stating that he would "do" anyone and anything. I don't see a "P" in that list. Also, for a while the "Asexual" community was feeling left out, but maybe that is a group that has lost interest. There may also be a category for cathoic priests, but that "P" is one we can and should live without!

hmmmm..... sexual universalism? universal sexualism? nah, I still cant think of a term.
This year is the 40th anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Seven days, to be exact.

I vote for some variation of "Stonewall" as a name for the group, as the Stonewall riots were a defining moment that started the queer rights movement, not just in the US, but around the world.

If the term is too UScentric, I'd be more than open to a more international name.

It's nice to see soem discussion on it. Stonewall is great, but The US-centric concern is valid. Would someone in say, Afganistan, be able to identify Stonewall as the GLBTQQA.... group by looking at the name? Mabe if the pride flag is kept as a logo. (Not that I expect a lot of Agfani members on A|N, but you know.....). On the other hand, how many, say, Sri Lankan queer folks would recognize GLBTQQA... as anything comprehensible?

I don't suppose anyone would go for the name "godless sodomites"?
I would adore the name "Stonewall Atheists," but I'm 54, old enough to REMEMBER the Stonewall riot. I'm not certain that event is as pivotal for those under age 30 as it is for those of us who lived through Stonewall, Anita Bryant, the Moral Majority, and Harvey Milk's murder.

I'm also old enough to remember when the word "queer" was the gay equivalent of the "N" word. I still cringe when I hear it, because it was lobbed my way with such viciousness during my high school years.

GLBTQ seems to me the most inclusive, and simultaneously the least poetic. But I will throw out a couple of alternatives:

Lambda Atheists (the lambda has been used since the 70s and crosses all gender boundaries)
Gay-Straight Atheist Alliance (GSAs exist in many high schools)
Like you, I've never been able to completely get over my aversion to the word queer. I just don't like it as a word, even in its original sense, as I just don't like the way it sounds on the ear. Plus, when used in the sense of gay people reclaiming the word as a means of empowerment, it comes across as confrontational, radical, and perhaps even a little silly (though I cannot deny that I have, on occassion, used it myself, especially here on AN in the tags sections).

Don't like the word Lambda either, or the Greek letter itself, and no matter what you do, any time you start using the GLBTQ acronym, or any variation, it sounds dull and uninspired. Same for GSA, GSLEN, PFLAG, etc.

The word "homosexual" is also a bad word choice. Just sounds too clinical. I wish we did have a better word for us.

And let's not forget that a large number of transsexuals are heterosexually oriented, though I do know of people in which that is not the case.
Insightful comments. What about "Stonewall Atheists" and a logo with multicolored GLBTQ? Or, just keep the pride flag logo, which is probably almost universal now.

We could add a thumbnail explanation of the Stonewall history in the group description. Seems accessible to anyone browsing, from most cultures.

NH Baritone, we are the same age, I understand completely. Although in my neck of the woods, my teenage years were not peppered with "queer". Just pervert, faggot, fairy, precious, and a few other words. Today, I have less problem with the words than I have visiting the town where I grew up - still feels like a cleaned up version of "Deliverance". But I do understand what you mean, and I respect it.

Dallas, looks like your thoughts are in the same ballpark as well. That means we have several who are not happy with "queer" and the alphabet soup, while inclusive and respectful of our many community members, does get tiresome.

Really, I'm happy with most of the choices, and would not stand in the way them (not that I could). So far looks like "godless sodomites" is losing. Damn. :-)
So far looks like "godless sodomites" is losing. Damn. :-)

I used to have a business card/trick card (thought I hate that term, too), that had my name, and under that was "Cocksucking Sodomite", and my phone number. So, I kinda like Godless Sodomites.
Here's a Wikipedia article about the Rainbow Flag. Evidently, they come in varieties, depending on what group is using them. I was already familiar with its usage by the Rainbow Family of Living Lice Light, and peace groups, but was unfamiliar with the rest.

I found the bit about the removal of pink and turquoise from the Pride flag interesting.
Ah yes, how revolutions forget their fathers and eat their mothers. People should be learning about Stonewall, because it is an important event in our history.

I never got called "queer" in high school, and don't remember the term being lobbed at people. The pejorative I remember the most is "fag" or "faggot". But then... I wouldn't have spent what little free time I had with people who felt a need to lob pejoratives at others. However, I do understand how some people feel about the term "queer".

I'm more in favor of BGLTQ, just because the acronym puts the letters in alphabetical order.

I'm not in favor of the term "Gay-Straight Alliance", because its not inclusive enough.
Also, for a while the "Asexual" community was feeling left out, but maybe that is a group that has lost interest.

Heh. "P" could also stand for Punsters!
Isn't "queer" enough of an umbrella term?



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