One thing that never fails to horrify me is the capacity for good Christian god fearing folk to excuse the abhorrent behavior of their own. We (in South Africa,) recently had a Sexpo, basically a collection of stalls selling sex toys... you get the idea. All above board, nothing sinister, nothing evil. -
Except the religious brigade climbed onto the pulpit and had protests, wrote letters to newspapers criticizing anyone who dared to attend equating taking part in the sexpo to child pornography and slavery. I kid you not. Thing is, this was the day after the Ryan report in Ireland was released. I don't know if I'm alone in thinking this, but christ my blood pressure shot through the roof. Not one of these people were to prepared to condemn the church or the priests involved in raping and enslaving children but it is totally immoral to attend a sex conference? How do peoples morals get so skewed?
A sad indictment of humanity if ever there was one.

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I, too, find that disconnect extremely disturbing. Theists regularly claim that their religions provide them with an objective moral base... but I've yet to see (or hear) any of them really describe, in detail, what that base entails and how it is supposed to affect morality on a day to day basis.

To be outraged over the sale of sex toys, yet ignore the physical, mental, and sexual abuse of children is abhorrent, to say the least.
I totally agree...It makes no sense.
Yeah talk about priorities being skewed...




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