The article has changed content, but earlier today (Feb 11) the story by the yahoos at informed us that the killer of the three Muslim people was an atheist, and implied atheism as a motivation for the murders.  It was  reported that he had posted atheistic rants.

Also reported is that he supported “Atheists for Equality”, but I can find no such organization named “Atheists for Equality”.  The Facebook page by that name has no such hatred expressed, and the last post there was in early December 2014.

Anybody know anything about an organization called “Atheists for Equality” that the killer “supported”?

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Asa, the closest I could find is the Freethought Equality Fund, which is a PAC organized by the Center for Humanist Activism. 

I also saw, early this morning, an article that suggested atheism was a motivation for the killings. Though, I can no longer find that same article, as I suspect it was pulled.  Much like the yahoo story. 

In the 'for what it's worth' category, Fox News says the motive was not religious, but reported law enforcement said the killings were prompted by a dispute over a parking space.

We have had many bloody wars over the equivalent of "My god said this is my parking space!"

"Likes Richard Dawkins and Bill Nye, frequently posts anti-religion musings."

Wow, to be a vehement Muslim you have to chant Allahu Akbar and post musings about death to America and all non-Muslims.

To be a vehement Christian you need to be a Dominionist, tirelessly pushing Christianity into public schools and facilities while screaming at young girls walking into an abortion clinic.

To be a vehement racist you need to be a member of a hate group(s) and refer to ethnics only by the most derogatory slur you can think of.

This guy is an atheist, and he also happens to be crazy. Calling him vehemently atheist is clearly out of order, and meant to slander the atheist demographic.

It's very hard for me to see how the killings could have been motivated by atheism. That doesn't make much sense.

I suppose if you are an atheist, and are  as angry about the chaos, the death, the brutality, the insanity, the suffering and degradation with which religion burdens the world, and are as crazy as the religionists who perpetrate those atrocities, then, I suppose, you could blame your atheism for doing something equally as crazy.  But, then, I haven't read any accounts of atheists beheading Muslims, or torturing Christian women and children in the name of atheism.

OK, I checked into this and it disappeared from earlier listings and reportings but has already been on BBC and other media. Major USA media has avoided the incident so much that there is a cartoon of it on Al Jazeera. Mostly Muslims there so that's where I did my comments.

I told everyone that the 46 year old shooter was obviously disturbed. (The shooting was supposedly over a parking space.) One Muslim there said that the shooter was most likely a militant atheist. I pointed out that atheists have no reason to be murdering anybody and that includes Muslims. The weapons of a militant atheist would most likely include a pen and a word processor.

We will have to see where this goes from here. I like to set the record straight because just recently Fox Nation went viral because Obama had Muslims (including one comedian) visiting the White House. I pointed out that next week it might be a group of Pentecostals.

Herd mentality really sucks!

I posted this on Isa's entry as well:

You have become the very tyranny you fought to destroy.

Words of wisdom, Isa. I'm glad you posted this.

Some further thoughts from Dan Arel on Patheos:

This sounds immediately like a hypocritical statement. But, while it is true that faiths like Islam have inked within their primary tenets of morality mandates to slaughter those who leave the religion or those who outright oppose it, as do Christianity and Judaism with equally horrific language, we must absolutely remember that atheism does not have a series of standard social doctrines. We do not have a Bible. We do not have a Koran. The atheist mentality is stemmed from the simple truth that there are no gods, and thus the individual acts on philosophical bases on his own choosing. This contemptible man, whether over a parking spot or because of an innate psychopathy or any other reason, cannot be said to have killed anyone because his non-god told him to do it. In this instance, “atheism” is exactly as responsible for this repellent event as it was for the Gulag or the Cambodian Killing Fields–that is to say: not at all.

Killing someone because you have a faith that demands it is a legitimate charge. But one doesn’t get assigned missions from the void.

He CLAIMED it was over a parking space. This is not seriously believed. 

 Part of that issue is the absurdity of 'hate crime' laws which treat a brutal crime as less serious if religion , race, or orientation is not involved. Hence you get these unbelievable gyrations of truth.

This guy was identified as an atheist through his postings on Facebook. If he was like me and didn't have a Facebook account, this whole "atheist = bad" accusation would be a moot point.

Also, sadly, I know there is a certain percentage of fundie xtians who are secretly (or not so secretly) elated that three muslims have been murdered, and that it doesn't matter what the killer's religious or political background is.


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