Loud mouth intolerant bigot, defender of pederasts far and wide, and Catholic League President Bill Donohue is outraged over the release of the new movie version of the Three Stooges - set to open April 14th.

The premise of the movie is that our heroes are on a mission to raise money for a Catholic orphanage. I know - real original in light of The Blues Brothers. 

Nevertheless, there is apparently a scene where swimsuit model Kate Upton appears in a nun-like bathing suit that could be in Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition. To add phony insult to bogus injury, Larry David (creator of Seinfeld) plays a nun named Sister Mary-Mengele; a playoff on the name of the Nazi doctor at Auschwitz.  Needless to say, I don't recall the outrage when Joliet Jake and Elwood referred to the samurai-like pointer wielding mother superior of their orphanage as "the Penguin" - an obvious slam at nuns' uniforms.

Mr. Donohue, you really might want to re-think your press releases when you get into an argument with Moe, Larry and Curly - and lose.

Catholic League press release here.

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That's my kind of movie. Stuff Catholicism!

I'll second the stuffing.

Hope the movie is as good as the preview looked.  The swimsuit nun was the highlight. 

Every single chance
I get up and dance,
And do the Curly Shuffle!


I feel sorry for Bill. After all he is just a victim of soicumstance. Hey Bill, look at the grouse, look at the grouse! Nyuk nyuk nyuk!

Donahue going after the Stooges? Why I oughta... ;)

Seriously, what did you expect from this blowhard?

The Stooges were anti-Nazi LONG before the American public knew about Auschwitz and Dachau, so it's not surprising that the Catholics are against them.  Apparently Pope Ratzinger et al still take offense at Stooges' shorts You Nazty Spy and I'll Never Heil Again.

And believe it or not, You Nazty Spy! came out nine months before Charlie Chaplin's great anti-Nazi masterpiece, The Great Dictator.

And you know, seeing Moe in that Hilter-like mustache is almost frightening. He all but looks like him. Still two of my favorite Stooge episodes.

They irony of their outrage never ceases to amaze.  The movie has not received the best reviews but I want to see it anyway.

Yes they all were Jewish - I think that was part of the reason why they did "You Natzy Spy!" so quickly. They were the first ones to take on Hitler in Hollywood, in fact.

Booklover, that seems to be almost a universal reaction.  I did say "almost." Strangely enough, had a conversation about the movie a few days ago, in a Courtroom where we were all waiting for the judge to get off the phone and start Court.  Every female in the room - prosecuting attorney, probation officer, and court reporter - said they couldn't stand them.  The males - the bailiff, 2 attorneys, 2 prison guards, and an inmate - all said we loved them.  In fact, the inmate said "soitenly!" which was followed by a "nyuk, nyuk, nyuk" by one of the attorneys.  When the judge walked in, the bailiff, along with all us males, was desperately trying to suppress a laugh as he was saying "All rise. Court is now in session." At least I didn't refer to His Honor as "Judgey Wudgey."

Oh, that's funny Pat.

Was she a Kate Upton, or a Sister Mary-Mengele?




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