Tiger Moms and Hot Sauce Moms - The new American "Abuse = love"

Guess I gave away my point of view in the title.


If you haven't read about Tiger Mom (it's not a Chinese thing, I knew Midwest USA white women who raised their kids like Amy Chua) then how about "Hot Sauce Mom"


All I can say is Jesus Christ that woman's a sadist!

Maybe Im too much of a softie, but if I was her kid I'd run away and sell myself to the circus. Is abuse a way to teach ethics, morals, or discipline?

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They started blocking most videos at work again, so I can't see it. What happened?

Mom spends the entire video harranguing the poor kid, then fills his mouth with hot sauce and makes him hold it there while she harrangues him some more, then makes him get into the cold shower.  He got into some trouble at school and lied about it.  It's truly wrenching to watch.  I hope the boys are taken away from the evil maniacal valkyrie.  A truly horrid creature.  THe kids will be scarred for life.

I second the being-punished-by-her=hair. 


Though it isn't nearly enough punishment imho. I'm thinking something along the lines of filling her mouth with hot sauce and making her hold it there while being verbally abused. 

I'd rather he not off his mom.  Then he'll be in even deeper shit than her emotional scars would give him.  I'd rather she slip on the wet bathroom floor while punishing her child and crack her skull on the toilet, leaving her quadraplegic and dependent on her children for her care.

I couldn't watch at the point he started screaming in the shower.  I'm not sure how a mom could do that to a child.  What's worse is that I can't really see this correcting his behavior.  He's in trouble for lying, but she doesn't try explaining what's wrong with lying.  As far as he knows, the only thing wrong with it is that it pisses his mom off.  Plus he was in essentially in trouble for being in trouble.  The fact that he "pulled three cards" in class wasn't what was wrong. It was the behavior that led to that, and that wasn't addressed. 


I have four kids that I've never really punished for lying.  When I caught them at it, we'd have a talk about why it's a bad idea and they grew out of it. Of course, I guess it depends on what you want to teach you kids, morality or blindly accepting authority.

I wonder how the mom became such a vile creature.  If her parents treated her the same, or if she was raised differently. 

What's worse is that I can't really see this correcting his behavior.  He's in trouble for lying, but she doesn't try explaining what's wrong with lying.


Yet another thing horribly wrong with that woman. Personally, I can recall a lot of life-lesson sit down talks my parents had with me. The few times I was beaten however, I really don't remember why; all that got seared into my memory was the beating.

I agree.  This kid is just being terrorized.  It's not a lesson, it's abuse.  There does seem to be a PURELY religious aspect religion is involved for some (Spare the quarter inch plumbing line, spoil the child) I wonder if  it's more the parent's mentality and not the religion per se.  "  the same principles the Amish use to train their stubborn mules, the same technique God uses to train his children"  Damn. 

Reading about the Tiger Mom was also alarming. She basically doesn't let her kids have any friends b/c it is a waste of time, and screamed and them and called them "garbage" for getting a B. Apparently it worked and her kids are living up to perfectionism, but can you ever have a close and genuine relationship with someone like that?


This is supposed to be in response to indulgent parents who blame the teacher if the kid gets in trouble and think that their kid can do no wrong. We can't ever achieve a healthy medium, can we?


I can't help but think the kids will either rebel - as some writers have described, or wind up miserable - as some writers have described, or turn into aggressive self-centered  monsters like their mom.  No to mention that she seems to think there is some sort of ethnic superiority in her style, when it's really the same as parents from a variety of ethnic styles and some Chinese writes have said that she would be hated in China for her actions.

I'm glad that video link isn't working anymore, because I think I'd just feel sick if I had to watch that. Someone should choke that bitch.


Also, this Tiger Mom stuff makes me so sad for those poor kids. That's abuse, guys.

I just read the Time article on Tiger Mom. And while what she did was a bit much, it does have a lot of basis in good parenting. It's just taken to an extreme at points. >.> But she did what most people do. Parrot their parents' actions.




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