Tiger Moms and Hot Sauce Moms - The new American "Abuse = love"

Guess I gave away my point of view in the title.


If you haven't read about Tiger Mom (it's not a Chinese thing, I knew Midwest USA white women who raised their kids like Amy Chua) then how about "Hot Sauce Mom"


All I can say is Jesus Christ that woman's a sadist!

Maybe Im too much of a softie, but if I was her kid I'd run away and sell myself to the circus. Is abuse a way to teach ethics, morals, or discipline?

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She's at least opened up the conversation, I guess. I wouldn't want her for a mom. I would hate her for life. My self esteem wouldn't have handled it. I knew some abuse, and it did not make me stronger. I got over it, I think, but it did flavor my interactions for a long time. I had no self esteem at all, and felt like a failure while succeeding in academics and putting myself through school while working full time while in college and graduate school. We are all different. I glad her daughters were strong enough to take it. I would not have been that strong.

Hot sauce mom is a far worse story. She deserves to have her children taken away from her.
Mind describing what was on the video?  Youtube yanked it for violating their ToS.
Mom spends the entire video harranguing the poor kid, then fills his mouth with hot sauce and makes him hold it there while she harrangues him some more, then makes him get into the cold shower. He got into some trouble at school and lied about it. It's truly wrenching to watch.

this link might work. it seems edited, not as long, but I could be wrong.





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