You may not have heard of Tim Minchin, Australian comedian , live in England.

He is a brilliant pianist also!






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I'd never heard of him...Thanks for the link.
Does it matter?
I love Tim Minchin. I love his poem "Storm". Cracks me up every time.
This guy is freakin' awesome!
Im jealous Rhett! getting to see him live!
Meggan, he does numerous topics with the same gusto!
Oh yeah, I've got a bunch of his songs loaded on my ipod. I also love "If you really loved me"...
He is amazing - I just discovered him 2 weeks ago after another recommended him. I am definitely going to see him when he comes to my part of the world!

Check out his story video. Very well made.
Tim is great - very smart and thoughtful and he is very passionate about it too.
I spent a marathon session watching everything available on Youtube, etc. a couple of months ago when I discovered him. What I really like is that he is actually thoughtful and sensitive with respect to people who are thoughtful, sensitive and respectful - regardless of their beliefs. It's just that he's not going to keep his mouth shut about his position - and he won't sit still while a jackass spouts bullshit as if they are the fountain of great wisdom or something.

Look for interviews with him as well as performances by him. Fascinating. He might be an a-hole in real life - I can't be certain. But, beyond agreeing with his point of view almost 100% - I really think I would love to hang out with the guy on a regular basis. I usually don't actually think that about public figures I admire.
he's really really not an asshole in real life. he's lovely and gives good hugs
Yeah - he certainly comes off as a quite a good dude. I just wanted to point out that I don't know him and so, can't really say. Public personae can be misleading. For example, apparently Chef Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen is actually pretty easy going in real life.
For example, apparently Chef Ramsay of Hell's Kitchen is actually pretty easy going in real life.

If I could yell profanely at the idiots who I encounter in my life I would be easy going as well.


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