Oh please!!!


Anyway - read the article about the GQ photo shoot here.



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sure he's not making like an airlplane?  whhhooooooooshh!!

The article says "Jesus pose" so I'm thinking it was done on purpose.

But - yeah - he might be thinking airplane too.

What would be even worse is to see people copying this pose. I say that's a jesus pose; his legs are crossed, and he's very religious. He may even think he feels like jesus did. I'm always surprised at the ignorance. In his mind, he thinks he's right, and won't even entertain questions about his belief. 

Damian I wouldn't be surprised to see copycats.

Seems a strange thing to choose to do though. If on the one hand he is appealing to some religious impulse, I thought the "proper" Christians would be offended?. lèse majesté if not out-right blasphemy?.


If on the other hand it was something to do with his sport . . . I never knew our mate the carpenter was a sportsman of any type?. One Hundred Mtrs Aqua-dash maybe?. 

" WWJD?".


"He'd go long!".


( Hope I got the grid-iron reference correct there ? ) 


Anyway, silly but amusing I think. If they would only all go in for comedy, I would be less grumpy with them.

Toss a "Hail Mary" perhaps.

Living in Colorado, I'm just real happy that now Tebow is in New York.

You can see how much craziness we've thankfully avoided.


I look at that and think, "What a narcissist".  Which I guess is the point.

I put this on another post about that photo, but I honestly think this is gay eroticism disguised as "Look at me, I'm yesterday's super sports hero who loves me some Jesus." I'm fine with the gay eroticism part if that's what he wants to do. However, drop the cosmic zombie crap!


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