Oh please!!!


Anyway - read the article about the GQ photo shoot here.


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Someone should give him what he obviously wants.  I think I have some railroad spikes out in my garage, and my neighbor has some 4X4's.  We could nail him up and let him go on about how we should be forgiven for we know not what we do.  But I would know exactly what I was doing.

Great idea!

Good one, James.  After that crucifix photo his only logical sequel is to ask to be traded to the New Orleans Saints.


I like the way you think, James.

Can I help?  I'm not very strong, physically, but I could supervise the dice game, or make instant-print photos....

Water-to-wine concession?

Isn't he though!

Yo, TIM!  Am I supposed to be impressed?

NEWS BULLETIN, bud: I'm NOT ... nor is anyone else with a functioning brain!  If you really want to impress someone with that move, try it with still rings at the end of your hands:

At least that takes work, strength, skill and talent!

Right, instead of "look at me" self-glorification. We missed The Iron Cross this Olympics and were sorry.

Christians make such a big deal out of their devotion to humility that the only word I can think of to describe it is "ARROGANCE."

TeaPartyBow is a walking oxyMORON.

BTW, what's he planning to do when he's too old and beat up to play football?

(At least he shaved that tacky pubic hair off his chin for the photo shoot.)


PS: It's very frustrating when you/I have a comment to make about one of those articles, and find that you need to be a FlakeBook member to do so.  I'd rather watch paint dry.

Didja see my new word?  "Christianinny"?  He R wun!

Cat, "At least he shaved that tacky pubic hair off his chin for the photo shoot."

I hate to disillusion you but the chin is not usually where pubic hair grows and resides.  That is, according to some of the posts on this thread, it's from one of his team mates.



Uh...yes I know that.  I just hate that particular beard "style" and am puzzled as to why it's so popular among christianinny men like Todd Palin and Rick Warren.  It makes their chins look like female pubic areas...and that makes me wonder about THEM.

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