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Anyway - read the article about the GQ photo shoot here.


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I'll be the first to admit that I'm not a follower nor fan of football. So, all I've heard about this guy has been filtered through news accounts, the article Steph posted, and one SNL skit. However (and please correct me if I'm wrong), but he's some Jesus freak football player who gets down on his knees in a pose similar to Rodin's Thinker after every play to give obeisance to the Great Cosmic Jewish Zombie. Am I right so far?

Assuming I am, the above photo strikes me as gay eroticism, which would seem, on the one hand, to be a  direct contradiction to what he publicly espouses.  On the other hand, if he's getting on his knee to fellate Jay-zeus, I kind of get it. Either way, he gets paid.

Is the guy actually any good at playing football? On second thought, don't anyone bother answering that. I honestly don't give a shit.

All I know about him is he like to strike Jesus poses and that Tebow bowing (kneeling) thing in the games he's in.

and yes, he's a jesus freak football player - it's all about jebus - jebus helps him win - haha

Would Jebus give a flying eff about a game that's played with a spheroid made of PIGskin? It ain't kosher!.

 “the above photo strikes me as gay eroticism,”


Damn, I knew there was something disturbing about that photo.  Good call. Anything to sell a magazine or some sexy underwear. 

To answer the question, he’s a mediocre QB at best, although he did win a couple of exciting fourth-quarter, come from behind (he he) games last year while at Denver.  I’ll at least give him that.

Good one also about the Thinker.  But he had another antic that pissed me off as well.  Instead of the black smear under the eyes to reflect sunlight as most QBs use, he’d meticulously paint on the New Testament numbers, Mark xx: yy, for the quotation:  “God so loved the world that he bequeathed His only begotten son.”  Or something like that. 

What got me mad was, nobody ever questioned or yelled out, “What the Fk for?”  What did God have to pacify or appease Himself?  So he ordered his Kid to go to Earth to be tortured and ridiculed, so that He wouldn’t take it out on the humans.  But the humans were innocent and had nothing to do with the original sin in the first place. 

I really hate that horse shit and Tebow has to rub it in every time I want to watch a football game

I really hate that horse shit and Tebow has to rub it in every time I want to watch a football game. Reason #285 why I honestly don't give an infected rat's bladder about professional football. Or, as I refer to the NFL, the National Felony League. As far as I'm concerned, Tebow the Jesus fellator, and Vick, the barbaric animal abuser, can maim, cripple or otherwise destroy each other, and civilization would be the beneficiary. And no, I really would prefer not to see it. A documentary on the life cycle of amoebic dysentery would be more entertaining.

Yeah Pat - I agree. I don't watch football or sports myself.

I did watch a little bit of the Olympics and that was all for this year. : )

"What got me mad was, nobody ever questioned or yelled out, “What the Fk for?”  What did God have to pacify or appease Himself?  So he ordered his Kid to go to Earth..."

To believers in the Trinity mythology, god, Jebus, and the holey spook, are all aspects of the same (fictional) character. God, as the spook, knocked up a young woman so that she would carry him around as a Jesus-fetus for 9 months, and then deliver him in a stable.  The only purpose for god, in his Jebus aspect, to visit Earth was as you said...to be a human sacrifice to appease himself for making humans imperfect from the very beginning. 

Or something like that.  NOT very intelligent.

But look at the beginning of the tale...if Jebus was also god in all his aspects, doesn't that make him a mother-f--ker?

Christianinnies don't seem to be able to think these things through.

You're also right about the self-righteous show-off...as an athlete, he's average. If he didn't do his kneeling-on-the-field act, nobody would ever have noticed him.

Thanks, Cat.  Fun reply.  Did you catch the line about exciting, come from behind victories, after Pat's revelation about the photo.

I've been reading about Albert Camus, French existentialist.  The world is absurd. 



Yeah...homoeroticism all over the place.  I laughed at that because I have several gay friends who will flip, and yell "Waaaaa-HOOOOO!" at some of the photos and not even notice the quasi-religious poses.

The world has gone way beyond absurd.  If I actually thought there was any kind of creator-being, I would think she/he/it was a practical joker.

I've never been able to understand is obsessive fandom in any form. I don't know if it's because I grew up (and still live) in a town with 3 major studios, or what. (I took skating lessons with one of the original Mouseketeers...BFD) I just don't "get" celebrity worship. The closest I've ever come to something like that is my admiration of Robert A. Heinlein, but he actually created intelligent, enjoyable stories that made/make readers think. How rare is that?

You know it's weird - but I thought the same thing. It's disturbing to me too. Very odd.

I keep hoping New York will refuse to put up with his BS.




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