Hi all. I'm Chris from the middle of nowhere Missouri. I found the site after reading a newspaper blurb about that teacher who was fired from the catholic school a couple of weeks ago. I basically spent all day at work reading the forums and have since been just hanging back and checking things out. (funny side not- I work in radio and was working the Sunday morning shift which is full of religious music and church services). I figured it was time to say hi and start interacting now that I've seen how things go on here.

I'm a 34 year old divorced father of a 6 year old (going on 16) girl. As I said I work in radio, doing news and local high school sports play-by-play. I have a super wide group of interests and am typically that guy that's pretty good at a lot of crap but not great at any of it. Obviously I love sports but wasn't big enough or fast enough to make it so I talk about them. Love playing the drums, video games, Star Wars, and many other "dorky" items.

Was raised in a "good christian" home and tried to find the church that was right for me until college when after about the 8th different one I said "Nope. Science makes a hell of a lot more sense to me." Much of the family still thinks it's a phase (that's lasted 16 years). I don't begrudge anyone their beliefs as long as they leave me to my non-belief, however I HATE it when someone just "believes" because "they're supposed to" without any thought or research of their own.

Anyway now that my few lines of introduction have turned into "War & Peace" I say hello and thanks to whom ever developed this site.

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Welcome to AN Chris! This is a fun place to be. :) I agree with what you said above. When someone tells me that they "believe" because "everyone else does", I tell them that they have the mindset of a lemming....or that they are just "sheeple"...baaaaaah!
Hi Chris. I also went through a number of churches (religions actually) before I realized that I was just trying to find a faith that fit in with my scientific and rational thought process. Finally realized that the only answer was no religion at all. Hope you are enjoying the nexus - people here love all things "dorky"!
welcome Chris. I'm also from Missouri (well, I am from Michigan, but I've been in St. Louis for 14 years now). Glad to have a fellow Missourian in the Nexus. If you are close to St. Louis, we have a great atheist meetup group here that you might consider joining. There are also groups in KC and Joplin. I'm not sure about Columbia.
I'm about as far away from St. Louis as you can get in MO (NW corner). But we have a meet up group in my area too, but the meetings are always on the days when I have my daughter (which is a much bigger priority).


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