Is there a force that allows or prevents time travel? 

because the link to the video does not work for me this morning, here is the video's address:

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Bummer!, I still am not able to get video or the address to work. If this topic interests you, search by title: 

Time ft. Neil deGrasse Tyson

I don't enjoy reading or watching sci-fi material; I do enjoy the information Tyson shared. Also, I do enjoy following my family tree and trying to imagine what existed for them. The easy one is imagining each of my grandmothers washing clothes for families of seven. They both had washboards they used in the kitchen in the winter, and outside during the warm weather.  

It is harder to imagine life in 1632 when an ancestor came from Plymouth, England to Plymouth Colony. Harder still are the ancestors from Ireland, England, Belgium, and the Cherokee. 

I plan to get the DNA, Genetic test, when my budget is a little fatter. 

Oh yes, I remember the first time I heard about "branes," meaning membranes. One could time travel by the brane folding upon itself and one could step from one time and place to another. It is part of quantum theory - the non-sense science. 

There is something about quantum theory and string theory that intrigues me. Even scientists describe it as "it doesn't make sense." 

“I think I can safely say that no one understands quantum mechanics.”

Richard Feynman, The Character of Physical Law (MIT Press, 1967), p. 129.

Joan - I'm fascinated by quantum theory as well. I think it will ultimately end up showing that the subject/object split is a false dichotomy.

So were US citizens ripe for authoritarianism and illogic, regardless of Trump?

Absolutely. He's just a timely catalyst.

Interesting video on time travel. The subject has always fascinated me even as a child.

What I find funny today is an article on the Net a few days ago where police stop a man driving a car and find he has an old timey handgun. In the realm of our nation becoming Reality TV someone is suggesting this man must be a time traveler. OK, you have a 200 year old handgun and you came from the past. How did you learn to drive a car?

I started listening to this video, but gave up.  Too much speculation for me.

I would have enjoyed it when I was young, but I'm more practical now.

I liked time travel movies when I was young, but now most of them just irritate me.  I just don't see how time travel could be possible.  

I still like the "Back to the Future" movies because they make me laugh.  Humor covers a multitude of stupidity.




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