Strange "coincidences" appertaining to the Day's events: the older Tsarnaev was named Tamerlan. I rather doubt this given name popped into his parents' heads like the pseudonym of a Hip Hop artist; no, it was cultivated with someone in mind: the legendary Timur the lame, emperor of all Sythia. Now, unless I am mistaken, Scythia encompassed what we now call Central Asia -- and, thus, Chechnya. Christopher Marlowe wrote a good play called Tamburlaine, using the legend of Tamer the Lame. Here is an interpretation of the play from Wikipedia:

"The play is often linked to Renaissance humanism which idealizes the potential of human beings. Tamburlaine's aspiration to immense power raises profound religious questions as he arrogates for himself a role as the 'scourge of God' (an epithet originally applied to Attila the Hun). Some readers have linked this stance with the fact that Marlowe was accused of atheism. Others have been more concerned with a supposed anti-Muslim thread of the play, highlighted in a scene in which the main character burns the Qur'an."

And this: "In November 2005, a production of Tamburlaine at the Barbican Arts Centre in London was accused of deferring to Muslim sensibilities by amending a section of the play in which the title character burns the Quran and excoriates the prophet Muhammad. The sequence was changed so that Tamburlaine instead defiles books representing all religious texts. The director denied censoring the play, stating that the change was a 'purely artistic' decision 'to focus the play away from anti-Turkish pantomime to an existential epic'."

Yes, we have seen just how such purely artistic decisions might be prudent in these lame Timur times.

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Thank you for prompting me to ook up this history.  I remembered reading about Tamerlane somewhere, just cant put my finger on it.

Could he really have been responsible for the deaths of 17 million people.  Incredible.  

I feel so ignorant of so much important history.

These men lived a couple of mlles from where I grew up, in Cambridge.  The younger went to my high school.  Two of my sisters are in lockdown.  They live only 2 blocks from where he is holed up in Watertown.  One niece ran in the marathon.  I used to work at MIT, in the book store, near where the young, MIT policeman was killed.

This horror is much too personal.

Whatever the history, Tamerlin's brother has been CAUGHT.

Moral of this story: Muck with Bostonians at your peril!




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