"People hear the word 'nuclear' and think of something very dangerous," Dr Jae said.

"However, nuclear power sources have already been safely powering a variety of devices, such as pacemakers, space satellites and underwater systems."

cool stuff!

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Cool, indeed.
Holy crap! Now I can play Pokemon forever -- forever -- forever....
lol. You're out there, Jack....way way out there. Good stuff. ;)
Radioactive decay is used a lot. Some older watches with glowing hands. And just about every household smoke detector, among others.

I'm thinking a cell phone that never has to be charged...although the whole cell phones creating cancer thing....
Judd: And just about every household smoke detector

Household smoke detectors.

Old habits die hard
Crazy, and the guy only wanted to make a reactor for power. He didn't appear to have interest in creating WMD's or something...well at least when he was 17.
All these extreme sports wankers with "no fear!". This guy is "no fear!"
How long will it take to apply this technology to automobiles?
It doesn't say in the article but I'd assume that there is pretty low energy density with a battery of this type. To get 100HP worth of electricity it'd take way more weight in batteries then lithium ion technology for instance. But maybe in time...




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