(Hopefully I posted this in an ok section)

Ok so I don't drink coffee that much (I promise this will get relevant in a sec) so when I had some yesterday evening I didn't know it would keep me up until 4:30 am. So I wanted to sleep in. Kinda hard to do that when my parents are talking loudly downstairs...

Mom: "(Something something about little sun growing into a "giant gassy thing")"

Dad: "(Something about the big bang vs things just appearing)"

Mom: "God planted all the trees!" (So basically "look at the trees"?)

Dad: "Even some scientists...!" (Oh you mean the ones that are speaking about a field they're not qualified to speak about?)

"Were they there??" (Were you??)

Dad: "(Soemthing about the scientists "tracing things based off their own ideas")

Anyway I'm too tired to remember what they just said exactly but I think you get the idea. Although sleeping in means I get to skip church...I guess it was better to hear a minute of that than over an hour of church.

Well I hope I can go back to sleep now.

Am I the youngest one here btw? Does anyone else still live with their bible literalist parents?

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You could be the youngest; I'd hope others will reply.
At 81, I'm probably not the oldest.
We're all equally welcome here.
You seem to be coping with a -- challenging -- situation well. You have two coping skills that work best: intelligence (to think about what makes sense) and humor (to see that so much of what people consider really big is, well, silly).
They actually let you skip church for a good reason? All is not lost.
Hang in there; how long until high school graduation?
Is college in the cards for you? If so, will it be a really intense bible college(Evangelical, Independent Baptist), or a fairly rational one (Episcopal, Methodist)? Also, a city gives you freedom a small town won't.
Best wishes for the future, both immediate and long term.
It's good to hear from you.

I love that crap about "were you there."  What do people like that do about a murder with no witnesses?  Are they willing to acknowledge that forensic evidence is generally considered to be stronger and more valid than eyewitness testimony?

Some people want to live in dream worlds, too.

You may be the youngest in the areas you post in but we enjoy hearing from you!
Some of the other groups and forums have young ones. I think it depends on your interest.

yeah on a night like that ya realize coffee is indeed a drug. And the world at large of coffee addicts just  needs a bigger hit to get a fix. Also it aint a stretch to consider how arbitrary it is that marijuana is mostly illegal and coffee is not only legal but wildly embraced. Just as easily and with as much justification it could be that the moralists' refrain is..."keep your kids off of coffee or suffer the consequences of having coffee fiends acting out causing untold harm."

Am just 17 but i dont know your age so don't know, can't say.




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