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While I admire the image, I find your discussion title misleading. Tipping points occur when systems cross irreversible thresholds, they don't require political, economic and religious intervention. Tipping points occur in physical systems such as complex pendulums. So I don't understand what you're saying.

Ruth, thank you for your response; did I make any sense to you with my reply? 

Michele, I appreciate your responding to my comment; did my response to you make any sense? 

Thank you Ruth Anthony-Gardner and michele ricketts for calling my attention to my discussion as misleading. I did not write clearly what I am trying to convey. 

We are at a tipping point on many level:

exhaustion of cheap oil and minerals; 

pollution overload of oceans, fresh water, air and soils;

over use and inappropriate use of valuable agricultural lands; 

over human population for Earth's capacity to carry the load; 

extinctions of flora and fauna; 

exploitation of labor, worldwide; 

over-compensation for owners of capital; 

people who labor no longer willingly give their valuable labor for other's exploitation.

These tipping points did not happen by accident but because of faulty thinking, waste of valuable resources, lack of appreciation of all that has been given to us through nature, and by exploitation, manipulation, greed and corruption. 

Politically, voters choose our leaders because of some value other than good management. Voters failed to understand consequences of changes in laws, de-regulation, permitting unsafe production and of poor/cheap oil drilling practices, failure to hold politicians accountable when their greed, corruption, and bad judgment results in poor legislation. Voters have to be informed with facts, not with emotional appeals to things that are not the business of government, such as anti-abortion laws, a health issue, not political; voters need accurate information about rights of workers, women, races, farmers and small businesses.

Economically, many consumers, attracted by expensive advertising, buy homes, cars, stuff they cannot afford and go into debt beyond their ability to pay. Many fail to save and prepare for unexpected emergencies. Some willingly buy at stores that stock slave-labor products, not realizing the consequences of loss of USA jobs. Success measured by purchasing power seems to have replaced success measured by flourishing lifestyles. 

Religiously, the biblical notion of man having dominion over all that swims, crawls and flies results in distortions of entitlement. Those who feel entitled to slave labor feel no shame or guilt about such practices. Some believe it is appropriate to use physical violence to gain control of wives, children and workers. Many perceive natural resources as an entitlement, not treasures to be husbanded. Many justify USA wars, even if they are wars of aggression and imperialism. 

The Earth travels through time and space with all these elements peaking together at one time in history. We need a thorough rethinking of our political, economic and religious principles and policies. Thus:

Tipping points require political, economic and religious intervention.





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