First of all I'm sorry if this is a repetitive thread, but I would like some help with this. I'm currently in high school, I get a lot of criticism from other students, thankfully no teachers, about my atheistic views. I'm sure other members have gone through my current situation, so all feedback is welcome. I hope you guys can help me with this. 

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Unfortunately I have not encountered this (so I have no personal advice) and back when I was in high school a few years ago I was still clinging to christianity. It's sad that you have to deal with this. I knew a few people in high school that were atheist. I don't know how open they were about it (contrary to what many think, atheists don't go around telling everyone what they believe!). In regards to your situation, where is your school? Mine was in Georgia but in the metro Atlanta area so religion was a way of life of some, but for many it was just an addition to life. There weren't too many that were gonna actually criticize other students for their beliefs. I also had a large school where it was impossible to know everyone so it was easy for the atheists I knew to stay within their own friend groups which were quite accepting or didn't care. I don't know if you have a similar situation or not. I would imagine a smaller closer knit body that is highly religious may pose more of a problem than where I went to school.


I live in northern-ish Canada, so not in an entirely religion-crazed society, but still a very religion friendly one.

The issue most responsible for preachers, ministers, rabbis, etc. eventually losing their faith is that of human suffering. My advice is to direct the discussion towards the massive disparity between the fates of people with similar proclamations of their faith, but different geographic environments. In the US, entertainers and sports figures publicly thank god for their successes at awards ceremonies,then go 'make it rain' at the strip clubs later on. In the Sudan, people pray for rain or meager food rations, but instead of their most basic and sincere prayers being answered, they are forced to leave their exhausted children on the side of the road during their march to search for water, knowing that the children will start to be eaten by the vultures circling overhead before they even succumb to dehydration or starvation.

One of the hardest things about being a teenager, is the thought that you are alone; the only one who feels the way you do. That's not the case!!

You are definitely not the only one who's an atheist. Search YouTube for lectures by Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Neil deGrasse Tyson and Sam Harris, among many others.

Oh- Penn Jilette also- he's especially good at targeting your age group with his style! Check out his "Bullshit!" episode about the Bible.

As you listen to these debates and lectures, you should gain some confidence and find some ways to respond to the Jesus freaks. And when you don't have a response, you'll still be quietly confident, which should throw them off, perhaps get them wondering (silence is often powerful.)

You could even chuckle in their faces, that should inflame them but the person getting the most upset is usually the one in the weaker position.

Perhaps even find the courage to start an after-school group: "Secular Student Support," "Freethinkers Meetup," something like that. "Are you disillusioned by mainstream religion? Want to discuss your thoughts and concerns openly, without threat of judgement and hellfire?" Or, join a FB group.

Consider yourself extremely fortunate that you live in the era of the internet. My teen years would've been tolerable had there been a worldwide web!


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