I know this topic has been, and will be covered over and over again. It is seasonal, after all! Personallly, I do not acknowledge this, or any other religious holiday. I have to wonder why any atheist would? If we so despise any intrusion of theistic beliefs in our public lives, why would we view it any different in our private lives? Some will undoubtedly reply with "Its for the kids." I would have to disagree. As atheists, we should raise our children in a theism free environment. Any one else agree? If not, why?

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Did this really need a post of its own, or could it have fit into one of the other discussions about Xmess on the site?
Eh? Spur of the moment, I guess. I was kinda baked at the time, if you know what I mean.
Are you trying to take away my days off?
As lame as it is, I'm afraid I'll just have concede that I like it. Plain and simple.

I would however prefer it to land on the solstice, for the very paganistic reason that it is an astronomical event worthy of some small acknowledgement. We all owe some tacit veneration to the sun even if it is just a flaming ball of nuclear fusion. As an excuse for a celebration that has to be just a little bit more substantive than the alleged birth of the son of a middle-eastern mountain deity?

It is of course for the kids, but its also something for the parents as well I suppose and family; a union of family and friends and a celebration of allegiances.

Christmas is more-or-less a secular, commercial and materialistic event as it is. People might superficially acknowledge it as a religious celebration, but a closer look into those empty eye sockets will reveal the insides of the carcass to have been picked quite clean.
Christmas, the secular tradition has been practiced in North America for quite a while. Those who are religious add the religious component.

I was raised an atheist and we always enjoyed the holidays with family and gift exchanges without any of the religious trappings.

For us it's simply a time for the family to get together, play the Santa Claus myth and enjoy each others company as well as a well deserved break in the middle of winter.

It is what you make it :-)

I refuse to give Christmas back to the Christians. Lol.

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