To Facebook or Not to Facebook, that is the question

So recently I am discovering that Facebook is simply a time filler. I get almost no use out of the site. I am here on the nexus and on LinkedIn. I can also join any of the myriad dating sites if I would like to find a "suitable mate". Exactly what purpose does Facebook serve? I suppose it keeps me in touch with childhood friends most of whom have not left the hometown and with whom I have little in common. Is it "wrong" to delete or "inactivate" my membership? There is a nostalgic part of me that wants to maintain my membership but another part that says why bother. What do you think?

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You can hide people?  I had no idea.  That makes me laugh a bit though because it's like I am friends with you but I am going to hide your posts and messages because I don't like what you say/post.  Interesting.  I will have to try it.
Hide the pests, keep the rests. :)
Had a FB account about a year ago out of curiosity, and discontinued/cancelled after a few months.  I found it to be a monumental waste of time.  About the only thing I use it for is in my law practice to impeach the hell of opposing clients with the moronic crap the put on it - especially in divorce cases where their boy/girl friend puts up messages to their soon to be single, and broke, paramour.



There is a lot of crap on Facebook, no doubt about it.  I just visit it once a day for a quick browse.  I don't do any of the games or surveys or countless other applications.  There are usually funny photos that get posted or silly things people I know like to 'share'.  Like: Do we really need a Lysol product scented like Lavender?  Wouldn't the scent put you to sleep before you finish the kitchen floor?  (silly stuff like that)  Also my Facebook friends often share interesting news articles.  (I think it's dangerous to complain about work, however...and I am always amazed that some people don't see the danger in THAT.  Like the nitwits you mentioned...IT'S PUBLIC INFORMATION!)

Its actually usefull for me. I have mostly real life friends on it and I block all the apps and games so i don't see them. I use it to see whats going on in the city and what people are up too. Its great for coordinating events.
I liked what you said...not a ramble at all....I feel much less guilty about 'hiding' an aunt and an old best friend from middle school, now that you've admitted you've done it.....THANKS!
i say "why bother". This is just my opinion. I never joined facebook, and don't have the urge to. I just keep a tight circle of people who i relate to. I can't say what's right for you. There are good suggestions above.

I use it to promote my blogs. I write under a pen-name, so recently set up a FB account under that name.  I link to my blogs and also share posts etc from others.  Is a way to read interesting posts from others too.  Most of these people I've never met. 


I don't use the one under my real name much.  It has a bunch of people from my past like happy clappy christians & people from school I barely remember.  I have a note on there if anyone wants to read my blogs about losing my faith in god, then contact me.  Only the non-judgemental christians did so.  


I was reluctant to join facebook, as thought I wouldn't have friends (I'm not a very social person).  There are some friends I lost contact with long ago but most are acquaintances and relatives I hardly know.

gouge away
I also have a love/ hate relationship as was just stated. Part of my personality is to comment on the positive aspects of someone's life. It drives me crazy to always feel the need to give compliments but I can't help myself. There is something that nags me each day like, "What if someone posted a sweet pic of their baby and I don't comment on it?" or "This person seems to be depressed today and might be reaching out for a bit of happiness that someone is paying attention to them?" I guess I am the one with illness, huh?

I was just telling my husband that if he isn't gonna keep up maintaining his page then he should delete it.He could hurt people's feelings by not accepting them as friends because he has no interest logging in to see these requests.

I guess it is safe to say thatfb can be more trouble than it is worth but since I am a young mom that is mostly park or home-bound, this is how I stay connected with friends. I hate talking on the phone!
Facebook is mainly to keep people updated on what you are up too.  It is very time consuming.  I actually don't have a Facebook account.  Facebook can also be misused by future or present employers to get information about you that is private.  I read somewhere that potential employers look up your FB account to get information on what kind of person you are; to see if they want to hire you are not.  So, I would say why bother, but that's my opinion.
I never tried FB,or My Space..No,it is not wrong to leave...Those who really care can get your e mail.


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