To Facebook or Not to Facebook, that is the question

So recently I am discovering that Facebook is simply a time filler. I get almost no use out of the site. I am here on the nexus and on LinkedIn. I can also join any of the myriad dating sites if I would like to find a "suitable mate". Exactly what purpose does Facebook serve? I suppose it keeps me in touch with childhood friends most of whom have not left the hometown and with whom I have little in common. Is it "wrong" to delete or "inactivate" my membership? There is a nostalgic part of me that wants to maintain my membership but another part that says why bother. What do you think?

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You can hide people?  I had no idea.  That makes me laugh a bit though because it's like I am friends with you but I am going to hide your posts and messages because I don't like what you say/post.  Interesting.  I will have to try it.
Hide the pests, keep the rests. :)



There is a lot of crap on Facebook, no doubt about it.  I just visit it once a day for a quick browse.  I don't do any of the games or surveys or countless other applications.  There are usually funny photos that get posted or silly things people I know like to 'share'.  Like: Do we really need a Lysol product scented like Lavender?  Wouldn't the scent put you to sleep before you finish the kitchen floor?  (silly stuff like that)  Also my Facebook friends often share interesting news articles.  (I think it's dangerous to complain about work, however...and I am always amazed that some people don't see the danger in THAT.  Like the nitwits you mentioned...IT'S PUBLIC INFORMATION!)

Its actually usefull for me. I have mostly real life friends on it and I block all the apps and games so i don't see them. I use it to see whats going on in the city and what people are up too. Its great for coordinating events.
I liked what you said...not a ramble at all....I feel much less guilty about 'hiding' an aunt and an old best friend from middle school, now that you've admitted you've done it.....THANKS!
i say "why bother". This is just my opinion. I never joined facebook, and don't have the urge to. I just keep a tight circle of people who i relate to. I can't say what's right for you. There are good suggestions above.
gouge away
Facebook is mainly to keep people updated on what you are up too.  It is very time consuming.  I actually don't have a Facebook account.  Facebook can also be misused by future or present employers to get information about you that is private.  I read somewhere that potential employers look up your FB account to get information on what kind of person you are; to see if they want to hire you are not.  So, I would say why bother, but that's my opinion.
I never tried FB,or My Space..No,it is not wrong to leave...Those who really care can get your e mail.

What purpose it serves is in how you use it, same as the internet in general.


I use Facebook as a tool to get my art/music out and build up my fan base, as well as using some other sites. I keep up with fellow musicians, artists, cannabis activists, scientists, atheists and more. Having performed on cruise ships for 20 years, it is the easiest way for me to keep in contact with some of the many thousands of people I've met from around the world. As well as family and friends from school and elswhere.


I've never played a game like Farmville, Mafia Wars or any of those time wasters. I actually block each game request as I get them- so get less and less requests.


I use it to read and post links to things I find important- be it atheism/religion, failed cannabis/drug war policy, politics, music, art or whatever. I don't get many religious posts on my FB (and I have over 2,500 "friends"-80% I actually know), and those are not directed at me.


If someone doesn't like something I say or post and if I lose a "friend" on FB from it- I wouldn't even know who "unfriended" me unless they told me. The number of friends moves a few up or down every day - loose one- gain two- but it doesn't show who is no longer a "friend".


If you're bored of it, OK, don't use it, or check it infrequently, or inactivate your account- but getting pictures and all the rest of your stuff off of FB is harder than just inactivating your account.


See my illusion-filled sm'ART on Facebook or at 

I keep my FB account mostly because people keep asking me, "Do you have a facebook page?"


Of course, the fact that I am an atheist is near the top of my info page. So far, no one has "unfriended" me (what a stupid term). I read the crazy shit they say and use it to inform my replies and blogs on my Nexus page.


I guess I hope some of them will "unfriend" me so I can see who my loyal friends are. Is that vain?

I don't like facebook and I don't use it.  Same for Linkedin.


On facebook I actually do have a registration, but it is just an allias on an email address used for nothing else.  So no one can find me.  I don't use that registration either.  Its just because some people use facebook and they want me to find them.


The open net is better.  Better people make their own home pages and all on the open net.


Myspace I don't mind, but not currently using.


Problem with facebook and linkedin is that they want a particular style of profile and presentation.


I believe in anyonimity.  So best just to use a Guy Fawkes mask.






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