To Facebook or Not to Facebook, that is the question

So recently I am discovering that Facebook is simply a time filler. I get almost no use out of the site. I am here on the nexus and on LinkedIn. I can also join any of the myriad dating sites if I would like to find a "suitable mate". Exactly what purpose does Facebook serve? I suppose it keeps me in touch with childhood friends most of whom have not left the hometown and with whom I have little in common. Is it "wrong" to delete or "inactivate" my membership? There is a nostalgic part of me that wants to maintain my membership but another part that says why bother. What do you think?

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I use it to keep people updated on my daughter and as an invaluable tool for keeping in touch with distant family and old friends. They may change their numbers, but it's unlikely they'll change their Facebook frequently. But I have a Yahoo extension that puts Facebook chat directly into the Yahoo messenger, so i don't even need to log on to talk to those people.
While there's absolutely nothing wrong with abandoning it, I have a friend who found it hard since he suddenly never knew about events and stuff. I definitely see where you (and he) are coming from, but it's probably more trouble than its worth. You could try removing your wall so people can't post stuff there and reducing your activity.
I quit about a year and half ago.  All I ever did there was veg out and play games anyway.  I found the privacy controls not that easy to navigate (which may have changed since then).  I got sick of the constantly changing privacy controls that put stuff i didn't want public open to the public.  I finally gave it up and haven't looked back.  I have gotten a lot done since then with all the time I used to waste on FB.

I have actually gotten laid about 7 times because of FaceBook lol. Other than that yeah, just a time filler.

I have a facebook account and go on twice a week. Mostly its a waste of time. Keep tabs on siblings otherwise its boring.

I left Facebook because they have unlimited rights to commercially exploit every word and image you post. Post a picture of your kid? You could find that image selling stuff or promoting religious claptrap.

I quit facebook because of the privacy issues.  It was nice having a way to connect with s handful of friends, close and far.  But the idea of facebook tracking me even when not signed on creeped me out.  I don't know if they actually did that, but talk of same was the last straw.  In addition, facebook kept trying to get me to friend people who I had no idea who they were, or why.  Having friends who don't know each other, and have nothing in common except through me, friend each other, is also kind of creepy.  In fact, the program was nagging me to friend strangers.  I miss being able to update with those few friends.  I value my privacy.  Giving "big brother" even more access to my life was too much.  To hell with facebook.

My  family and friends are spread pretty much around the country and world so its nice to see the latest photos and see what they are doing I love it.




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