To Fight Religious Monuments, Atheists Plan Their Own Symbols -NYTimes! 2013

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This is a nice tactic but I wish that this does not cause a confrontation. I am of the opinion that all opposition to religion and god should be without causing any bitterness, regardless of what and how the opposition is. Let us endeavor to spread our thought and create awareness. The Reason Rally was one such splendid effort.

The confrontation, such as it was, already happened, in the form of a court case.  Apparently, this town decided to create a "Free Speech Zone," rather than remove the 10 commandments thing, and Dave Silverman and company were the first to take advantage of said zone.

As to not "causing any bitterness," tell that to the believers, many of whom I am certain care not in the least for this turn of events.  It's clear they didn't care about any potential offense, hurt feelings, et cetera when their hunk of marble was placed.  Considering the court decision, I don't see that they have any right to complain now that American Atheists has responded.

i love this strategy.  i don't love that we have to stoop to their level, but i have a feeling the ends will justify the means.  even if it doesn't work, at least people will have something interesting to talk about.  




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