Hi guys,

I am currently in the US Army and station in Texas. In 2013 i will be completing my enlistment, making me a civilian once more. Me and my wife are thinking either to stay in TX or to move to the Pacific Northwest were they are more Atheists. If you were In my shoes what would you do, would you move or not move?. Right now me and my wife are leaning in moving back to Oregon or Washington. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks for reading.




Below is a map of the most religious states in the USA. (As you notice Oregon and Washington don't have much red) LOL

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Do you have any reason to stay in Texas?  Being near family and friends is important.  Vancouver WA is pretty religious so beware but Portland and Seattle seem okay that way. (in case it matters, public schools in Vancouver are better than in Portland). You already know the bad news about the weather, unemployment and the housing market.  You are young so if you move and hate it, you can go back. It might be better to find out sooner rather than later.


Yeah thanks for the help AnneT

I've lived for quite a while in Corvallis Oregon (college town, 4 years), Portland (4 years), and Vancouver WA (10 years).  I moved here from midwest and would never want to go back.


Mostly, west of the Cascades is fairly nonreligious, but east of Cascades (eastern Oregon and eastern Washington) you might as well stay in Texas.  The high desert and eastern parts of the states are conservative, but these are big states.  Not as big as Texas.  


I think Anne has it completely right, although compared to Indiana where I moved here from, Vancouver is not nearly as religious.  That's a little like saying compared to Antarctica, Buffalo is not so cold, however.  I think housing prices here are reasonable.  My area has a lot of houses for sale.  Vancouver is not very diverse but that seems to be changing.

Yeah I lived in Salem, Oregon for one year I was there on Army Recruiting Duty. I personally did not like Salem but I did like the rest of the state of Oregon.


Sentient so basically what you telling me is stay West of I-5 Highway?

Hey Steph,

  Right now I am in Iraq but I will be coming home in December time frame. I am station In FT Hood, TX. Austin is not the far, I will have to explore and check it out. Wondering which one is more Atheist between Austin and Houston. Do you happen to know what date is the next Texas Free tough convention?  Thanks guys for info, it really helps. 

I'd check out the austin area for a while; i mean the atheist experience show is based there:) You could always move, but moving back is moving twice. I think your gut feeling should be the most important factor though. Home is where the heart is.
I wouldn't make the decision based upon where there are more Athiests. Live where you want to live. Where you have a good job, like the atmosphere or weather, are near friends or family. Moving based upon religious beliefs will just help make the southern states even more archaic. We need more representation there ;)
Good point Josh, but I am also looking to have kids in the future, and if my kids are at risk of going to a school that they are going to teach creationism, I am going to have a problem, that is my only worry, thanks for the info though.
texas has it's spots...
hey atheist texas; they feed homeless and jam music! live rock.
pretty sure they'd use meetup.com. or just check american atheists

everyone seems to be aiming for florida due to cold weather; broward is the funk/west and east
I'd move to the least religious place in he USA I could find.
I think you should stay there. Texas isn't going to get better if all the good people move away. Your presence pisses off all the right people.
Get the !#@$ out of Texas!  That's my vote lol.  I would not voluntarily start a family in such a conservative, religious state.




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