Hi guys,

I am currently in the US Army and station in Texas. In 2013 i will be completing my enlistment, making me a civilian once more. Me and my wife are thinking either to stay in TX or to move to the Pacific Northwest were they are more Atheists. If you were In my shoes what would you do, would you move or not move?. Right now me and my wife are leaning in moving back to Oregon or Washington. Let me know what you guys think, Thanks for reading.




Below is a map of the most religious states in the USA. (As you notice Oregon and Washington don't have much red) LOL

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Yeah I agreed a life in the Pacific NW sound much better, once again thank you all for your input on this topic.

Do you like humidity and rain?  It would kill me.  I moved to Denver from Austin in 2008.  I loved Austin but the heat was getting to be too much and the city was growing really fast.  Started to remind me of Dallas in some areas.  Now I'm in Denver and trying to work my way closer to Boulder.

That map is counterintuitive; it shows Los Angeles, Chicago and NYC as highly religious, but southern Ohio (where I reside) as irreligious. 

Religious fervor, restrained or rabid, is ubiquitous in the USA.  Avoiding it is impractical, if not impossible.  Why not just move to where the job market is good, and where climate and quality-of-life best comport with your preferences?

After I finish school, I plan to return to Texas. Sure there are parts that have a lot of Christians, but others are in the other direction. Austin, for example, is a good place for an atheist to live if they need a lot of others like them.




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