I was originally going to post this in the military atheists group, but I felt that there were parts of this that non-military people would find humorous too.

Today at work I had to fill out several forms for medical care, as we often do when transferring from one place to another. One of the columns listed "religious preference" where I simply wrote NONE. The medical staff member there, upon reading my form was shocked when she read this part. She was like "If you don't list a religion here, we won't know how to treat your corpse when you die."
This made me chuckle, so I simply said to her, "I'm a sailor, if I die, bury me at sea." To this she said, "Well some people have problems with cremation, and blah, blah, blah..." You get the gist. So I finally looked at her and said honestly, "We if the Christians are right, I'll have plenty of time to burn after I die." Then I left her office.

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And once the worms,fungus and bacteria are done with it,there won't be much for the sky daddy to work with,will there.
My brother once pointed out that, since we are responsible for so much heavy-metal pollution in the environment and those heavy metals often get trapped in our bodies, we must take the opportunity to sequester them by sealing our corpses up in caskets. Lol. The atheist reason for a hermetically sealed crypt trumps the Christian one.
I imagine my idea of Hell and the Christian concept of heaven are about the same. Everyone is always happy and never disagrees about anything, and they all just sit around all day talking about how much they love god and each other. Like a Christian college without the sex, drugs or debauchery.


If the Buddhists are right I want to be a unicorn. Is it possible to come back as mythical creatures?
I go to a Christian College. Campbell University. Please, help me.
I love asking Christians what happens to their goals and aspirations once they get into heaven. Being an angel seems like a dead-end job.
I had several instances in the Army like this. They always want to put "No Preference", I get irritated with that dismissive reply. I do have a preference...keep the chaplains the hell away from me!!!..lol
When I get questions I say, "no, my preference is none." We have two hospitals here Catholic and Mennonite, kind of like two kinds of music Country AND Western.
I plan to live forever a diamond.
I can handle Country in small doses. Religion gives me the chills.
You missed the perfect chance to say, "what about donating it to military ballistics testing ?"
I'm thinking of inserting a clause into my will that I wish for my mortal remains to be fossilised.

"Please deposit me near the sedimentary delta. Suggest Amazon or Mississippi."

There are so few hominid fossils. I think we owe it to the anthropologists of the future to try.
But in reality I'm on the organ donor register.

Use what they can, I shall be beyond caring.




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